Public safety raised after a break In at a Georgia water treatment plant

Public safety raised after a break In at a Georgia water treatment plant, North Georgia There was a break in at small water treatment plant in North Georgia. It has raised the awareness of security.

On Tuesday in Murray County the water treatment plant on the county line was broken into.

Police state that someone broke into the plant and poisoned the water. They changed the chemicals in the water filtration system. Police said the intruder(s) knew enough to change the chemical mixture, but did not know how to send it out into the water lines.

This means residents will have to boil water or have no water at all for days. About 450 residents will have to make do, until the water is assured clean by authorities.

The FBI and the State investigators have taken notice and are looking into the situation. Speculating this was a prelude for an attack on a larger scale.

There is no security cameras or guards at the facility.

Steve Emmit of the FBI Atlanta Division stated that "We are aware of the vulnerabilities of the water works, certainly (that) is something that concerns us, especially when someone is resetting chemical mixtures," To date their have been no additional threats. We are still looking at what this means," Emmett stated. They are still looking for suspect(s).


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