Tim Tebow Dolphins: Tim Tebow is not in Dolphins plans for 2013, Tim Tebow is not in the Miami Dolphins' plans for 2013 despite rampant Internet rumor and speculation.

Team sources say Tebow, the former Florida Gator standout and Heisman trophy winner, was not working out for the Dolphins on Thursday, and did not take a physical with the team.

Tebow, who was released by the New York Jets earlier this week, hopes to catch on with another NFL team this summer. But the odds of that being Miami are slim.

The Dolphins passed on adding Tebow last offseason when the Broncos put the former first-round pick on the trading block after acquiring Peyton Manning, and team executives don't believe he's an NFL quarterback.

A team source wouldn't rule Tebow out completely, but said adding Tebow "hasn't been discussed."

In his three NFL seasons Tebow has completed 47.9 percent of his passes, throwing for 2,422 yards with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He's been sacked 41 times and has a cumulative passer rating of 75.3.

The Dolphins have Ryan Tannehill, a 2012 first-round pick, entering his second season as the team's starter, and Matt Moore, who was re-signed this offseason, is viewed as one of the NFL's top backups.

The Dolphins also have quarterback Pat Devlin on the roster for the past two seasons, and Devlin is nicknamed by the coaches as "teacher's pet" because coach Joe Philbin's fond of the former Delaware standout, who spent all of 2012 on the 53-man roster.

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Parents force girl to hold sign for disrespect: Shaming good idea? To discipline their disrespectful teen, parents forced the girl, 13, to hold up a humiliating sign at a Florida intersection for 90 minutes in March. The responses are mixed: Some think the embarrassing act was "tough love," while others thought did more harm than good. The parents are feeling a bit of humiliation of their own for their forced act of atonement. Proper parenting or too much?

A report out today from Yahoo News recapped the bizarre news story that took the Crestview community by surprise.

The story began locally, but has now piqued the attention of many across the country, some of whom are perplexed over why parents force a girl to hold up a humiliating sign as punishment.

"I'm a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I'm also super smart, yet I have 3 'Ds' because I DON'T CARE," read the sign (pictured here).

The parents hatched the idea about the public shaming from an idea shared with them years earlier by a Christian friend. When the girl began acting out, showing signs of disrespect to adults and losing interest in school, based on her falling grades, the parents put the plan into effect.

With her father standing by her side the entire time, the girl was forced to hold up the shaming sign as punishment.

Motorists snapped photos of the teenager and soon the images were uploaded to Facebook and other social networking sites. Police were called to the scene, but soon left after realizing the girl was in no danger. Or was she?

That's when the backlash began.

Many people lashed out at the parent's decision to humiliate their child, citing that the punishment lowers a person's self esteem and could even bring about thoughts of suicide.

Renee Nickell, the girl's mom, said this about the incident after the stream of comments flooded social media:

"I wasn't even thinking about what the public was going to think. I was thinking about our daughter. It was for her to be in the public and recognize what she had done wrong.

We spend so much focus on not wanting to hurt a child's self esteem that we don't do anything. Walk a mile in someone's shoes. We must undo at home what the world tries to tell her is better."

It turns out that the girl began acting out after her uncle (mother's brother) was killed in Afghanistan in 2011. The teen was very close to him and after he died, she sank into deep depression.

Despite the parents forcing the girl to hold up the sign, she hugged them and has shown signs of improvement in her behavior. Was it a short-term fix?

Is public shaming of kids ever a good idea?

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Howard Kurtz fired, Columnist Howard Kurtz left The Daily Beast on Thursday, a day after the website retracted one of his blog posts about the coming out of NBA player Jason Collins.

Both Kurtz and Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown confirmed his departure over Twitter.

Kurtz did not acknowledge any link between the retraction and his departure.

He tweeted that "as we began to move in different directions, both sides agreed it was best to part company."

He added that "this was in the works for some time" and that it was time for him to "move on to other opportunities."

In the retracted post, Kurtz says Collins didn't "come clean" about the fact that he was engaged to be married to a woman before declaring he was gay.

But Collins does just that in the Sports Illustrated piece that came out Monday.

Brown tweeted simply that Kurtz and The Daily Beast had "parted company ... we wish him well."

Kurtz, The Washington Post's former media columnist, is also the host of CNN's "Reliable Sources." CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kurtz and a spokesman for The Daily Beast also did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Parents force girl to hold sign, Worried about their 13-year-old daughter's increasingly disrespectful behavior, Gentry and Renee Nickell of Crestview, Florida, decided to make her punishment humiliating and public. On Saturday, the teen (whose name has not been released) spent 90 minutes standing at a busy intersection with a hand-written sign describing her sins.

It read: "I’m a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 'D’s' because I DON’T CARE."

Passing motorists saw the teen, who was standing with her dad at the corner of Ferdon Boulevard and U.S. Highway 90 in Crestview, and snapped pictures of her with their cell phones. Some of the photos ended up on Facebook, where they were shared within the Crestview community (the Nickells said that they have not seen those photos; Yahoo! Shine was not able to find them online). Someone called the police, who showed up to talk to the teen and left after deciding that she was "aware of her punishment and she was not in any harm," Crestview police records show.

Now, however, the parents are feeling a little public humiliation of their own.
“I wasn’t even thinking about what the public was going to think,” her mom, Renee Nickell told the Northwest Florida Daily News. “I was thinking about our daughter. It was for her to be in the public and recognize what she had done wrong."

"We spend so much focus on not wanting to hurt a child's self esteem that we don't do anything," the Nickells said in a statement defending the punishment.

"Walk a mile in someone's shoes," the statement read. "We must undo at home what the world tries to tell her is better."

Renee Nickell told the Northwest Florida Daily News that the family has had a hard time since Renee's brother was killed in Afghanistan in December 2011. Her kids were close to him and his family, she explained, even taking vacations together. Since losing her uncle, Renee's 13-year-old has become more defiant at home and at school, and her grades have dropped.

"We just felt like she just kind of gave up," Renee told the newspaper. The family did not say whether they sought grief counseling for their daughter after her uncle's death, or whether they thought her lack of interest in school was a sign of depression.

Holding a sign in public wasn't their first choice for punishment. They tried grounding her before, but it didn't help, they explained. They didn't forbid her from attending activities at church, they said, because the activities were supposed to reinforce the Christian values they were struggling to instill in her. They didn't confiscate her electronics because neither she nor their two younger children, ages 2 and 6, have any, they said.

"We just got to the point where we just didn't know what else to do," Renee told the newspaper. She said that she got the sign idea from a Christian counselor "several years ago," and decided to start with a 90-minute public punishment. The girl's dad stood next to her the whole time.

"At the end, she gave me a hug in front of the police officer and she told me she was sorry," Gentry said.
But on Tuesday the Nickells were surprised to find out that their daughter's punishment had gone viral, and were shocked by the anger leveled at them for their parenting choices.

"It makes me sad to think that this young girl had experienced such a painful loss recently and because she was acting out (as many, if not most young people do for a time) in response to that trauma, she was put on public display for her sins rather than receiving professional help/intervention," commented Katherine Rebecca Newlin. "How would her parents (or any ONE of us!?) feel if they were made to stand on a public corner with any number of THEIR sins plastered all over a sign for the world to see?"

"Worst parents ever," commented Asa Semaj of San Diego. "No one likes to be humiliated, especially a 13-year-old girl, by her own parents! 13-year-old girls have been know to kill themselves over less than this. The only thing she will learn from this is to hate her family."

While people are criticizing the Nickells for the punishment, some who saw the "self-entitled" sign say they support the the family.

"I saw her Saturday morning while running errands, and I thought to myself, great job mom and dad!" Aundy Blocker of Crestview said on Facebook. "Do everything possible to keep your child on the right track! Kudos to you!"
The Nickells likely meant to call out their kid for being "selfish," "self-centered," or "entitled" ("self-entitled" isn't a word) but even so, their message obviously got through to the teenager. They told the Northwest Florida Daily News that the girl's behavior had improved since Saturday.

“I asked her, ‘Were you scarred? Traumatized?’" Renee told the newspaper. "She said, ‘No mom, I knew it was coming'."

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Storage Wars' drops 3 members of the cast, Three “Storage Wars” cast members have been fired. It appears they lost their jobs due to budget cuts. According to a May 1 report by Enstarz, Darrell Sheets, Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson have been dropped by “Storage Wars.”

There is a rumor circulating that the reason “Storage Wars” dropped three cast members was due to the lawsuit Dave Hester filed against A&E. At the time of publication, it was unknown if the Dave Hester lawsuits played a role in Darrell Sheets, Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson losing their jobs.

“I don't understand how they will have a show about storage unit auctions without auctioneers,” George Gibson, a fan of “Storage Wars” from Norman, said. “Dan and Laura [Dotson] are important to the show. I don't like this one bit.”

Seeing that Darrell Sheets, Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson were dropped from “Storage Wars,” that only leaves Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante and Barry Weiss as “Storage Wars” regulars. Although other people have been introduced to the show, those are the only remaining original cast members left.

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Beard study, A new study by researchers in Australia says that women prefer men with a lot of stubble.  The clean shaven look and men with full beards were no match for about 10 days growth of facial hair.

The study was published in the May issue of the Journal Evolution & Human Behavior.   Photos of ten smiling men in various shades of beard growth were presented to 177 heterosexual men and 351 women.

The photos showed men with a freshly shaved face, light stubble ( 5 days of growth) and heavy stubble ( 10 days of growth ) and a full beard.
Each man in the photos was shown in four ways — clean-shaven, with five days of beard growth (light stubble), 10 days of growth (heavy stubble), and with a full beard.

Women rated the men in the photos according to their attractiveness. Heavy stubble was the clear winner among women.
From the study, “Women judged faces with heavy stubble as most attractive and heavy beards, light stubble and clean-shaven faces as similarly less attractive.

In contrast, men rated full beards and heavy stubble as most attractive, followed closely by clean-shaven and light stubble as least attractive. Men and women rated full beards highest for parenting ability and healthiness.

Masculinity ratings increased linearly as facial hair increased, and this effect was more pronounced in women in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, although attractiveness ratings did not differ according to fertility.

Our findings confirm that beardedness affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring.”
The researchers hypothesize that facial hair makes men seem more mature and masculine.

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FHM sexiest woman in the world, Hollywood star Mila Kunis has been named FHM's sexiest woman in the world. The 29-year-old Friends With Benefits actress, brought an end to a four-year run of British stars at the top of the list.

"Mila Kunis has had a phenomenal year," FHM 100 Sexiest Editor Dan Jude said, "She's starred in the highest grossing comedy (Ted) and is the most in-demand Hollywood star right now. Not only is she naturally stunning, but she has a great sense of humour and isn't afraid to poke fun at herself. The nation has spoken, and the verdict is that she is officially the perfect girlfriend. She'll take some beating in 2014."

Barbadian beauty Rihanna made it to second place, rising one step from her 2012 result.

Though former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan came in third place, she was voted as the Sexiest Woman In Britain.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be voted the Sexiest Woman In The UK," she said, "It's a lovely confidence boost, especially when there are so many beautiful girls out there. Rosie Webster would definitely be impressed!"

Michelle Keegan came fourth, followed by Kelly Brook. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge dropped out of the top 100 but her sister Pippa Middleton made it to 58 spot. Last year's winner Tulisa Contostavlos came down to 11th position.

Scroll down to take a look at the top ten sexiest women...

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Tim Tebow Dolphins, Less than 18 months ago, Tim Tebow was a playoff-winning quarterback for the Denver Broncos. As of Thursday, he does not appear to be any kind of quarterback for any team, and the Miami Dolphins appear to be the next in line to say "no thanks" to signing Tebow.

Which team will be next on the "no thanks, Tebow" free agent tour?Despite earlier reports on Wednesday from agent Drew Rosenhaus that he "wouldn't be shocked" if the Dolphins were interested in Tebow, it seems now that he will have to be shocked. The Dolphins are keenly more interested in finding a starting tackle at the moment, and the Florida connection would not appear to be enough to push them into the level of signing Tebow. Will anybody?

Reports of NFL teams that are interested in Tebow appear to be shorter than a list of other leagues that could be interested in Tebow, which includes the CFL (where Warren Moon says he can't play), the lingerie league, and the Omaha Beef team of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.

All we know about Tebow's prospects in the NFL so far is that as far as playing quarterback goes, there don't seem to be any prospects. Released by the Jets last month, Tebow has quickly fallen from fourth-quarter hero in Denver to free agent that seems to get more rejection letters than fan letters.

But just as possible is that teams never have to announce what free agents they aren't interested in, unless that player is Tim Tebow. There could be several teams thinking they'd like to kick the tires on Tebow as a backup or third-string option, or perhaps as a fullback or halfback if he's willing to make the change, but the only people announcing it to the press are the many general managers that get the inevitable Tim Tebow question.

Eventually, he could find a job in the NFL. It just doesn't look like it will be with the Dolphins.

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Claim That HIV Cure Will Come ‘Within Months’ Disputed, Danish scientists say an HIV cure could come “within months” after promising research pointed to a new strategy for stripping the virus from human DNA and destroying it with the immune system.

The proclamation brought hope from AIDS researchers and generated headlines worldwide, but not everyone is on board with the idea that HIV could be cured in the near future.

Dennis Sifrisvand James Myhre wrote that the Danish research, though promising, is still further away from finding what could be a cure for HIV.

The Danish researchers who said an HIV cure could come “within months” have been testing their findings in the lab and now moved on to human trials. Researchers conducting the same work in the UK are a bit further behind.

Their technique involves releasing the HIV virus from “reservoirs” it creates in DNA cells, bringing them to a place where the body’s immune system can kill them after receiving a vaccine.

”I am almost certain we will be successful in releasing the reservoirs of HIV,” said Ole Sogaard, the senior researcher who is leading the study. ”The challenge will be getting the immune system to recognise the virus and destroy it. This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems.”

Sifris and Myhre point out that the clinical trial stage could take “on average 5-8 years from the start of research to final FDA approval. And that’s if nothing goes wrong.”

They find other problems with the idea that an HIV cure could come “within months.”

“Finally, it’s important to note that none of this research points to a preventative vaccine,” they write. “The approach is not meant to prevent infection, and should not detract anyone from maintaining consistent condom use or the proper treatment and management of their HIV.”

While Sifris and Myhre may question the idea that an HIV cure is “within months,” they admit that the Danish researchers have taken “a good first step.”

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Houston airport shooting, Police say a man walked into Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday, took out an AR-15 rifle, and began shooting.
A shooting at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport rattled passengers Thursday.

A man is alleged to have walked into the ticket area inside Terminal B at approximately 1:35 p.m. and fired an AR-15 rifle at least twice into the air as he apporached a security checkpoint, a Houston Police Department spokesman said.

In response, an air marshal fired at the man, but missed, and then the suspect pulled out another gun which he turned on himself, KHOU News reported. In all, a total of five to seven shots were fired.

All terminals at the airport were locked down as a result of the shooting, and the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office retrieved the body of the deceased suspect, Houston Police said.

The incident comes one day before the NRA is set to hold its annual meeting in Houston.

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Jon Stewart replacement, It was reported on May 2, 2013, that John Oliver will be stepping in as Jon Stewart's replacement during the summer. According to The Christian Science Monitor Oliver will be the host of "The Daily Show" during Stewart's three-month hiatus.

Stewart has hosted for almost 15 years and wants to take some time off to pursue other interests. The first being directing his very first feature film, "Rosewater". The film is based upon nonfiction best-selling book, "Then They Came for Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity, and Survival".

Oliver is a correspondent for "The Daily Show" and has been involved with the program since 2006. The 36-year old English comedian also sometimes appears on the hit television show, "Community".

Stewart's precise return date to late night television is currently unknown. This could mean that he is ready to move on. Other notable alumni from "The Daily Show" who moved on to other pursuits include Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and Ed Helms.

What do you think about Jon Stewart's replacement John Oliver? Please drop in your comments below.

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Chris kelly kriss kross, I was 12 when I first encountered Kris Kross. They were performing their single "Jump" on "In Living Color" in May of 1992. It was the era when sports jerseys were the coolest things for teenagers to wear. At my junior high in particular, basketball jerseys were all the rage. Especially a few months later, when Shaquille O'Neal's Orlando Magic jersey debuted.

If you watch those early Kris Kross videos again — as I did Wednesday night after news broke that Chris Kelly, one half of the teen rap duo, died in Atlanta at age 34 — you'll notice how Kris Kross pretty much only wore sports gear. Perfect for a time when having a Starter jacket in your wardrobe was essential.

What's interesting, though, is how much baseball clothing they wore. Either actual baseball team jerseys and jackets, or baseball-styled jerseys of teams from other sports. For instance: On the cover of their 1992 debut "Totally Krossed Out" (I had the cassette tape, how 'bout you?) Chris Kelly wore a New York Yankees jersey and Chris Smith repped the New York Knicks with a baseball jersey. Both backward, of course, because that was the style Kris Kross created.

Now journey with me, as we reminisce about Kris Kross, the early '90s and sports clothing.
Featured in "Word Up" magazine, Kris Kross wore these very bright, original Florida Marlins jerseys.

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Aniston cheat days, Jennifer Aniston's cheat day includes Mexican food or pasta, the actress revealed while talking about her strict dieting plan over the weekend.

Aniston is well known for being disciplined with her diet and health regime to ensure that she maintains her figure. However, the actress has admitted that she, like most others, has the occasional cheat day, where she steps away from her regular strict diet to indulge in some foods she craves.

The 43 year old actress was speaking about her diet this weekend at an event to celebrate her yoga instructor's new book, "Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover."

Aniston explained about her cheat days, saying: "Cheat days for me are usually … it's either Mexican food … maybe Italian pasta, but I think you always have to do it in moderation."

As well as maintaining a strict diet most of the time, Aniston explained that she balances her diet with regular healthy workouts. She admitted that she was a big fan of yoga, and that her yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, was largely responsible for helping her maintain her slim figure all these years.

Aniston said: "That was always my 'ugh,' my legs … That's why I credit Mandy (for my legs), with yoga."The Hollywood actress' comments come as new reports recently claimed that she and fiancé Justin Theroux have postponed their wedding, with some claiming it's simply because they want to agree on the fine details of the event and make things perfect.

The couple announced their engagement in August 2012 after two years of dating. Initial reports had claimed that they were planning a spring wedding, however, it was recently claimed that their big day has now been pushed back until the end of the summer.

"Jen and Justin have been totally relaxed about the wedding planning. They're looking forward to the wedding, but they have different ideas about the actual wedding itself," a source told Mail Online.

"It's not to do with them as a couple, they're madly in love. Every time you see them they've got their arms around each other," the source continued. "Jen wants something bigger with all their friends, Justin would just like something a bit more intimate."

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Girl forced to hold sign, On Thursday, it was revealed that mom and dad tried to instill some tough love into their daughter, as the parents forced the girl to hold a sign at a busy intersection that essentially served as her punishment for being an underachiever in school and shirking her responsibilities.

Worried that their daughter’s continued disrespectful behavior might lead to continued bad grades in school and potential crimes down the road, the girl (whose name has not been released) was forced to hold the following sign:

"I’m a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 'D’s' because I DON’T CARE."

The sign was held at a busy intersection, and as motorists passed by, some slowed down to not only snap photos, but post them onto social media.

So not only has the girl served a very public punishment, she’s not been humiliated.

But as they often say, if you do the crime, you have to do the time. And according to the girl’s parents, the point of the punishment was, in some part, to have their daughter face some humiliation.

“I was thinking about our daughter. It was for her to be in the public and recognize what she had done wrong," said the girl’s mother.

"We spend so much focus on not wanting to hurt a child's self esteem that we don't do anything," she added in a public statement defending her decision.

Eventually, police were called to the scene. And after talking with the parents, they deemed the situation okay, as they didn’t feel any abuse or harm was been done to the child when it comes to the parents’ style of punishment.

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Mlb tv worker dies, An MLB TV worker has died at Turner field after suffering an apparent heart attack, reported Sports Illustrated on May 1.

The Atlanta Braves were set to faceoff against the Washington Nationals in the final game of their series. Prior to the game, 61-year-old Reuben Porras was setting up the broadcast for the MLB Network. Porras collapsed while setting up the broadcast.

Several members of the Washington Nationals staff tried to help Porras, including Lee Kuntz and John Hsu who are members of the athletic training staff. While they attempted to stabilize Porras on the scene before he left in an ambulance, emergency staff were unable to save Porras' life. He later died at a local hospital.

On Wednesday, the Washington Nationals' Ian Desmond jacked a two-run home run in the Nationals' 2-0 victory over the Braves (17-10). The win helped Washington (14-14) finally break a three-game losing streak.

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George Jones funeral, George Jones performed hundreds of times at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House – whether on the WSM Radio show, or appearing on such shows from the auditorium like the CMA Awards, so it's only appropriate that this morning's funeral has turned out to be a farewell fit for a country king.

Open to the public, fans started lining up yesterday for a chance to say farewell to the artist known as "The Possum." Famous friends who either spoke or performed during the 2 hour, 40 minutes-long service included Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Patty Loveless, former First Lady Laura Bush and others.

WSM announcer Eddie Stubbs welcomed the crowd to the Opry House, and proceeded to introduce longtime family friend Tanya Tucker and the Imperials, who performed a beautiful version of the Gospel classic "The Old Rugged Cross," ending the performance by saying "I'm gonna miss you, Possum." Tucker was one of several acts that was slated to perform with Jones on his final concert – which was slated for November 22 in Nashville.

Nashville radio personality Keith Bilbrey spoke next, followed by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam who praised the singer for being an ambassador to the state of Tennessee.

Pastor Mike Wilson was next on the hallowed stage, who asked for prayers on behalf of George's family and friends. Bilbrey then introduced a pair of artists who had deep ties to Jones. The first was Randy Travis, who relayed a story to the crowd about a concert date where Jones persuaded Travis to close for him. It was a Travis duet , "A Few Old Country Boys," that brought Jones his final top ten entry on the singles chart in 1990. With simply an acoustic guitar on his lap, Travis performed "Amazing Grace."

The Oak Ridge Boys followed Travis with a performance of "Farther Along." The legendary foursome appeared with Jones on his 1982 top ten record "Same Ol' Me." One of Jones's fellow Texans, CBS News personality Bob Scheiffer, was next to eulogize the singer. He recalled listening to Jones on the airwaves of the Grand Ole Opry, and said that though everybody wanted to sing like George Jones, ‘You couldn't sing like George Jones...if you weren't George Jones.' He also relayed memories of his growing up years as relayed to him by Jones in an interview. Scheiffer also commented that in 2008, Jones was a little concerned about attending the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony where he was going to be celebrated because "He didn't think people in Washington didn't like country music, and wouldn't know who he was."

A couple of Jones' fellow Grand Ole Opry members were next in the program. Charlie Daniels walked onto the stage, recalling the first time he heard the voice of George Jones, and also cited the influence he has had on so many artists over the years. Daniels also told a story about longtime producer Billy Sherrill saying that Jones was "the only singer who could make a five-syllable word....out of ‘church." He then grabbed his guitar, and offered a simple yet moving version of "Softly And Tenderly."

Travis Tritt – one of many stars who appeared on Jones' 1992 hit "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair" - was next, performing Kris Kristofferson's "Why Me, Lord," which Jones also recorded. He also spoke of the love George felt for Nancy, recalling a conversation where Jones told him "She's my angel."

One of Nashville's favorite "angels," Barbara Mandrell was next on the stage. Visibly moved, Mandrell – his duet partner on 1981's "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool," told the crowd that Jones would always be the "Greatest singer of all time in Country Music, and there would never be anyone to fill his shoes."  She also shared an anecdote about meeting Jones at age 13. Mandrell – a teenage prodigy on the steel guitar – talked about the fact that Jones didn't have a steel player on the bill – so he asked her to play the instrument during his performance. "George left his lasting imprint on my heart...all of our hearts. He sang for you and me, and now he's singing in glory for the one who gave him that voice. Hallelujah," she said.

Kid Rock might have been an unlikely participant in the ceremony, but the singer about an incident where Jones had asked him to write a song for him – one that he never finished. The singer talked about how difficult it can be to be married to a performer, and performed an original song called "The Best Of Me."

Frequent Jones collaborators Vince Gill and Patty Loveless were next on stage. Jones gave Gill his "Sweet 'Pea" nickname, and Loveless had covered many Jones records over the years – including her first top ten single, "If My Heart Had Windows," from 1988 – which featured Gill on harmony. Gill recalled touring in his early years with Jones and Conway Twitty – and having to perform with Jones opening, and Twitty closing. Loveless talked about covering a few Jones songs on her Sleepless Nights record in 2008 and George and Nancy driving around town trying to find it. A clerk at a record store said 'We'll get on it, Mr. Jones." The two then combined their talents for an emotional performance of "Go Rest High On That Mountain," with both artists crying throughout – bringing the capacity crowd to their feet.

Former First Lady Laura Bush was introduced by Stubbs. Bush thanked Nancy for allowing her to speak at the service. "Nobody made music like a man from East Texas like George Jones," she told the crowd to applause. She recalled putting quarters in the jukebox to hear Jones' 1964 hit "The Race Is On." She also spoke of the meetings between her husband and Jones – in 2003 when he was presented the National Medal of the Arts, and 2008 during the Kennedy Center Honors – recalling the former President working on his treadmill to "White Lightning."

Grand Ole Opry member Brad Paisley was brought to the stage by Bilbrey next, and he encouraged those watching the funeral who weren't familiar with his legacy to seek out his music, and 'find out what this ruckus is about. It's worth it." He then proceeded into Tom T Hall's classic "Me And Jesus."

Opry GM Pete Fisher followed Paisley, adding that "If you were visited by an alien from another planet, and were asked about country music, you would play them George Jones." Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee approached the podium next. He called getting to say goodbye to Jones "One of the greatest honors of my life." He also relayed what it would have meant to his father had he known he had played music with Jones on his FOX TV show. "George Jones did not sing to us.... He sang For us," said Huckabee.

Ronnie Milsap was then introduced next, saying "We're all here because we loved George Jones," before kicking off a soulful version of his 1969 hit "When The Grass Grows Over Me," a song that he called "the saddest song he had ever heard." After Milsap left the stage, Stubbs introduced Kenny Chesney, who recalled the first Jones song he ever heard was "Who's Gonna Chop My Baby's Kindlin" at his grandmother. He cited the singer as father figure, who he opened for early on in his career. "I came here today to tell Nancy I love you....and I will miss him so much."

Wynonna Judd – a neighbor to the Jones family for many years – recalled Jones sitting in the front row at Tammy Wynette's 1998 memorial service while she performed "How Great Thou Art" before  her performance of the song. Judd also recalled that her first concert ever was Jones and Merle Haggard, and also praised...his hair. "The most perfect hair I've ever seen in my life," she quipped.

Wilson appeared on the stage next with closing remarks. He recalled being introduced to Jones as a youngster through his 1985 hit "The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song)." He also recalled when he and his wife adopted two daughters from Haiti, that Jones and Nancy asked them to bring them over. "We talked throughout the years, and no matter how you knew him....life didn't stop for George on Friday. It started." Wilson concluded his message by quoting John 14, ending with a prayer.

Being the funeral of country's most-respected singer, it was fitting that the service ended with a song – but not just any other one. Alan Jackson took to the stage with a somber performance of the song that defined Jones' career - "He Stopped Loving Her Today," ending the song by removing his hat in honor of his mentor.

With that 'wreath upon his door' that the lyric of the song speaks of, Jones made his final exit from the Opry House to the strains of his recording of "When The Last Curtain Falls." A procession would escort his casket to his burial place at Woodlawn Memorial Park, with his band serving as pallbearers. The funeral lasted for over two and a half hours – a fitting send off to one of music's most legendary figures

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Joaquin phoenix home, Joaquin Phoenix’s home apparently just wasn’t big enough. The Walk the Line star bought his first home in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles in 2006 for a pre-crash price of over $4.8 million. Now he’s bought the 2,500 square foot house next door for $1.4 million.

The original house, where he apparently still lives, was featured in I’m Still Here, a 2010 mockumentary directed by Casey Affleck. In the fake film, Phoenix claimed to have quit acting to pursue a second career as an actor. A lot of fans were taken in, and Affleck himself has said that he considered it a hoax.

Phoenix appeared on David Letterman to say that he thought that it was obviously a joke and that he never intended to fool anyone.

Be that as it may, the nearly $5 million house itself has been dismissed as “ordinary,” and it’s almost undeniable that Phoenix bought at the wrong time to get the best price. So we’ll just have to hope he got a tax write-off for its use in the film.

Even though it’s $3.4 million less than the first, the new Joaquin Phoenix home might seem overpriced to most of America. It has an eat-in kitchen and three bedrooms but for over a million bucks, a big closet in the master bedroom and a refurbished bath are the least of what we expect.

Of course, he’s really paying for  the convenience of adding a new place right next door. Even after the crash, real estate prices in Los Angeles can be eye-popping.

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North Korea sentences American, North Korea has sentenced an American citizen -- reportedly arrested while taking pictures of orphans -- to 15 years of "compulsory labor" for plotting to overthrow the government, the official North Korean news agency said.

Kenneth Bae, 44, has been detained in North Korea since last November in Rason, a special economic zone in North Korea's northeastern border with China and Russia. The state media, KCNA, did not specify details of the Supreme Court's sentence which said, "In the process of investigation he admitted that he committed crimes aimed to topple the DPRK with hostility toward it."

Bae runs "Nation Tours," specializing in trips to North Korea. He had reportedly entered North Korea for a five-day trip with foreign tourists and was caught taking pictures of street orphans, according to a South Korean interest group Citizen's Coalition. Bae is known to be a devout Christian and South Korean media speculated that he may have been involved in religious activities.

North Korea may try to use Bae as a bargaining chip to force concessions from the United States, analysts said.Relations have become increasingly tense between the two countries after Pyongyang launched a long-range missile last December, followed by a nuclear test in February. North Korea has bombarded the United States and South Korea with harsh rhetoric and threats of nuclear war throughout March and April, protesting against the annual joint military exercises in South Korea and the latest U.N. sanctions aimed at curbing North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

In January Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico, and the Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt, attempted to secure Bae's release during a visit to North Korea but they were not allowed to meet him.

Last week the U.S. State Department called for Bae's immediate release and said it was working on his case with the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang, which looks after U.S. interests in the North.

There were several arrests of U.S. citizens in recent years. In 2010, a Korean-American Christian activist Robert Park was released after entering North Korea in 2009 to draw international attention to human rights abuses. Another Christian fundamentalist, Aijalon Mahli Gomes, was arrested and sentenced to eight years of hard labor, but was freed after former U.S. president Jimmy Carter struck a deal visiting Pyongyang.

In 2009, former president Bill Clinton negotiated the release of young journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who had been sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegally crossing borders and committing 'hostile acts against the nation.'

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Henry viii wives, It was hazardous being married to King Henry VIII, who ruled England from 1509 to 1547. Of Henry's six wives, two were divorced, one died, and two were beheaded. Only the sixth survived him.

You hear a lot about Henry's wives if you visit his palace at Hampton Court, about a half an hour outside London.
And when you enter the corridor below, in the royal "apartments," you hear the story about Henry's fifth queen, Kathryn Howard (often spelled "Catherine").

Henry married Kathryn when she was 19 and he was 49.Henry had just discarded his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, reportedly because he found her unattractive.

Henry developed a crush on the "vivacious" young Kathryn and soon married her. Kathryn's family, the Howards, were thrilled by the engagement, as they had been on the outs at the King's court and they assumed the marriage would restore their family to greatness.

Henry was over the moon about Kathryn, referring to her as his "rose without a thorn" and "the very jewel of womanhood."

The young Kathryn was as flirtatious as the average 19 year-old.And a year after the marriage, the Archbishop of Canterbury informed the King that Kathryn had not only not been a virgin when he married her but might even now be carrying on behind his back.

Henry was reportedly heartbroken and refused to believe this. But he ordered an investigation. And the news that came back was not good. So Henry ordered that Kathryn be imprisoned in the palace until she could be executed.

One day, the story goes, Kathryn escaped from her guards and rushed down the corridor below in search of Henry.
She thought he was praying in the royal chapel, which was at the end of the hall. And as she ran, she screamed and begged for his mercy.

The guards caught her before she reached the chapel, and returned her to her cell. (And Henry may actually have been out hunting.) Shortly thereafter, Henry had her head chopped off.
The story is that the ghost of Kathryn Howard still haunts the corridor at Hampton Court, where she reenacts her desperate attempt to see the king.

Several visitors and staff over the years have reportedly seen her. Others have reported feeling "chills" in the corridor. (Perhaps because, in the winter and early spring, the place is freezing.)

According to the Hampton Court guides, fully one-half of the visitor faintings that have occurred at the palace over the years have happened in that corridor.
So maybe, even 500 years later, the ghost of flirtatious young queen still runs down this corridor to beg the king not to chop her head off.

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Henry viii and anne boleyn, The letters, penned by the King in 1527 when he was still married to Catherine of Aragon, reveal him to be besotted with the woman who would eventually become his second wife.

The private correspondence is among tens of thousands of Tudor documents which will be made available on the internet this week.

The documents, which are known as the State Papers and which were collected by the all-powerful Secretaries of State, provide a unique insight into key historical events such as the Reformation, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the execution of Anne Boleyn.

In one letter to Anne Boleyn, dated 1527, Henry VIII writes: “I beg to know expressly your intention touching the love between us. Necessity compels me to obtain this answer, having been more than a year wounded by the dart of love, and not yet sure whether I shall fail or find a place in your affection.”

The love-struck King later writes: “Although my mistress, you have not been pleased to remember your promise when I was last with you, too let me hear news of you, and have an answer to my last, I thought it the part of a true servant to inquire after his mistresse’s health.

"I also send by the bearer a buck killed by me last night, hoping when you eat of it you will think of the hunter. Written by the hand of your servant.”
The Secretaries of State corresponded with fellow nobles, bishops and foreign heads of state, as well as their own spies both at home and abroad.

Their documentation, which had previously only been available in archives, provides a vivid account of life in one of the most chaotic and bloody periods of English history.

The State Papers Online database will be launched on Tuesday as part of a unique project between the National Archives in Kew and the IT specialist Gale/Cengage Learning.

Amanda Bevan, principal records specialist at the National Archives, said: "All human life is in these documents and we expect the online service to be very popular.

"It will transform the way people research the period because they will no longer have to visit the archive where the material was held. They can access it at the touch of a button.

"It is amazing how many people here and overseas are interested in Tudor and Elizabethan England. This period saw the expansion of Empire, and the history of countries like America and those former colonies which were part of the British Empire is bound up with this period."

Visitors to the site, which goes live on Tuesday 18 November, can draw up material by typing any word into its search engine. Key royal documents include those relating to the funeral of Henry VII and the succession of Henry VIII, love letters from Henry VIII, and the Dispensation by Archbishop Cranmer which allowed Henry VIII to marry Jane Seymour, who became his third wife.

The papers also include an account of an allegation by Sir Thomas Gebons, a priest, that Sir Rauf Wendon called Anne Boleyn a whore and a harlot on St George Day 1533.

A letter from the Earl of Derby to Henry VIII, dated August 10, 1533, refers to "the arrest of a lewd and naughty priest inhabiting these parts who has spoken slanderous words about your Highness and the Queen's grace".
Sir John Haworth says he heard Sir Jams Harrison, the priest concerned, say that Queen Katharine should be Queen, "and as for Nan Bullen [a popular nickname for Anne Boleyn] who the Devil made her Queen?"

Henry VIII's reputation as a ladies' man seems to have been established early on. The archive contains an undated letter described by a nineteenth century historian as "from one Eleanor Trey, a married woman to a person unnamed, but seemingly Prince Henry, who she acknowledges to love much better than her husband".

The archive also contains two "short ballettes" which Sir Thomas More wrote in 1534 while a prisoner in the Tower of London, entitled Lewys, the Lost Lover and Davey, the Dyceer.

The King's near-absolute power over his subjects, including those of noble birth, is illustrated in a letter from Lord Paget, dated November 1552, in which the peer bid permission to be admitted to the King's presence so he could kiss his feet and avoid a potentially crippling fine of £8,000.

The letters also pay testament to the power of the Church before and after the Reformation. Richard Hun, at Fulham was accused of heresy on December 2, 1514, after it was alleged that he spoke against paying tithes, defamed the clergy, defended heretical opinions of Joan Baker and possessed prohibited books such as the Apocalypse, Epistles and Gospels in English.

Many of the problems faced by the inhabitants of Tudor England, which included crime, domestic violence and rising taxation, would appear familiar today.

In 1527, R.O. Ferdinando Rodericus described how on "9 November last as he was coming from a goldsmith's he was lured by a maid into the house of Francis Borowe, a milliner in Abchurch Lane next door to the said goldsmith's, where he was assaulted, wounded and covered with tar and filth by the said Francis and others and robbed of his cap and money. Lay at the point of death for 30 days after."

There is also a complaint from Richard Dane that he was being "dangerously beaten" by fellow domestic servant Edward Bowker, and instructions to John Dummeryght to stop beating and threatening his wife.

There are dozens of documents covering the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. There is an examination of Pedro de Valdez who was taken captive in the conflict, a series of Latin verses written to celebrate the English victory, and reports on the activities of a "Dutchman who has gone into England as a spy, who lacks a finger on his left hand".

State Papers Online, which is launched on Tuesday, contains thousands of original documents as well as summaries and translations known as calendars which were compiled in the nineteenth century.
At the moment only the papers for the period 1509 to 1603 are available. But by 2010 the site will be expanded to cover the years leading up to 1714.

The site contains many of the original documents together with the calendars which were translations and summaries completed in the nineteenth century.
Some of the documents including the love letters are only available in the form of calendars.

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Anne boleyn execution after 3 years of marriage,  With Anne Boleyn’s final moments a little over twenty four hours away I thought it appropriate to post my review of ‘Days That Shook The World: Execution of Anne Boleyn’ by the BBC.

This short re-enactment looks at the last twenty four hours of Anne Boleyn’s life, detailing the events and accusations that lead up to Anne finding herself in the Tower awaiting execution. I thought this was quite an emotional and beautiful re-enactment and although there were a few inaccuracies it still gives a haunting portrayal of what it may have been like for Anne during her last twenty four hours upon this earth…

After just three years of marriage to King Henry VIII, Queen Anne Boleyn is under arrest in the Tower of London and about to become the first English Queen in history to be executed. This film reconstructs the harrowing story of Anne’s final hours and reveals the circumstances that led to her execution.

When Anne was crowned Queen of England in May 1533, it was a triumphant moment for a woman who had gambled everything on the love of Henry VIII. Yet Henry’s infatuation with his clever and outspoken second wife was not to last. From the moment she gave birth to their daughter Elizabeth, and not the son and heir he craved, Anne became vulnerable to the endless political machinations of a ruthless court system, in which political success or failure was the difference between life and death.

Anne fell victim to a swift and devastating coup masterminded by the King’s first minister Thomas Cromwell. Within a fortnight of her arrest, Anne, her brother and several of her closest allies at court were convicted of treason and sent to their deaths.

The film tells the story of Anne’s final hours, including; Henry’s ‘merciful’ decision not to have Anne burnt at the stake, but to be beheaded with a sword by an executioner from Calais; Anne’s declaration of innocence at her last sacrament; and the spies that surrounded her at the Tower and how their information contributed towards her downfall.

Days That Shook The World: The Execution of Anne Boleyn by the BBC is a beautiful re-enactment of the last twenty four hours of Anne Boleyn’s life. The enactment is only thirty minutes in length and gives a brief yet extremely compelling overview of the lead up to Anne’s fall and then her last day upon earth.

We are given a brief outline of Anne’s younger years and then how she met Henry VIII and through a series of events became his great infatuation. We are also given some details about Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon, how he wished for his marriage to be annulled so that he could marry Anne and how he finally declared himself Surprise Head of the English Church.

The show then provides a brief history of Anne and Henry’s relationship and the reasons as to why Anne was sent to the Tower of London and charged with adultery. I did like how they said that part of her crime was her failure to curb her spirit, the same spirit and fire which had first drawn Henry to her. I have always seen Anne as a strong willed woman, unwilling to submit to what she held true, vivacious and bold far beyond her time. The show also spoke about how Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell used to be friends and then how eventually Anne became a threat to Cromwell. It was suggested that Cromwell helped to plan Anne’s downfall and conviction.

A little information is given about Anne Boleyn’s religious beliefs and although I do not think they are completely accurate (the show did keep emphasising how much of a reformer Anne was) it was quite a humbling picture. I especially found it very moving when Anne’s conviction to her faith was spoken about.

Next we are shown how Anne began to babble when she entered the Tower as a prisoner and how what she spoke of was used as evidence to incriminate her of adultery with Francis Weston, Mark Smeaton and Henry Norris.

We also see Anne swearing upon the Sacrament that she was innocent of the crimes of adultery brought against her. I do believe in my heart that Anne Boleyn was innocent. I believe as shown in the re-enactment, that Anne was true to her faith and a very religious woman and would not have wanted to go to the scaffold holding a lie to her chest. She swore she was innocent before God and upon the eternal damnation of her soul. In my mind that is extremely powerful evidence she was innocent, especially with the strong dedication to faith in the Tudor period.

As Anne was going to the scaffold they showed little Elizabeth playing and I have to admit that at this point I did weep.  I believe that Anne loved her daughter greatly and as a mother myself with a young daughter this scene touched me deeply. One of Anne’s greatest legacies was her daughter who would eventually become Queen Elizabeth I.

Lastly Anne’s speech upon the scaffold had me in years. Anne was an incredible woman, a woman who grasped every opportunity held before her; a woman who had strength and courage and determination was far beyond her time. How she could have stood up there and spoke to the people without breaking down into fists of tears or hysterics is truly one of the greatest acts of courage.

There were a few inaccuracies in the re-enactment Eg. Stating that Henry was excommunicated for marrying Anne, but overall I thought it was a beautiful re-enactment of Anne Boleyn’s final twenty four hours. The costumes and set design were quite stunning and the power and emotion behind the narration was the real masterpiece.

I found this a beautiful and yet quite haunting portrayal of Anne Boleyn’s final twenty four hours. Even though it was a re-enactment it still gives us an idea of what it may well have been like for Anne in her final hours. The fear, the worry, her prayers… I shudder as I can only imagine what it would have been like for this incredible woman. My heart really went out to Anne Boleyn as I watched this short piece and I feel it really shows the sheer magnitude of how amazing this woman was that four hundred and seventy five years after her death we still speak and remember her. I have posted the youtube links to the show below and if you ever get a chance to watch them then I beg that you do. It is beautiful, moving and a must see for anyone interested or captivated by the image of Anne Boleyn.

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WTC spire hoisted, Crane operators hoisted the final pieces of the spire atop One World Trade Center on Thursday, helping to fill the void in the New York City skyline that was left by the attacks of September 11, 2001.

When complete - a beacon is still to be installed - the tower will stand 1,776 feet high, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Ironworkers will finish installing the spire, which weighs about 800 tons (725 metric tons) and is 400 feet tall, at a later date.

The tower is one of four skyscrapers designed to rise around the footprints of the fallen Twin Towers in a partnership between developer Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site.

The footprints of the fallen towers have been turned into a memorial to the nearly 3,000 people killed in the 2001 attacks by al Qaeda hijackers.

One World Trade Center, formerly called the Freedom Tower, is estimated to cost more than $3 billion and is due to open next year. It will have 3 million square feet (278,000 square meters) of office space, an observation deck, shops and restaurants.

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Ethan hawke "black years, Ethan Hawke describes the period after his divorce from Uma Thurman as the "black years".

The 41-year-old actor - who started dating current wife RYAN SHAWHUGHES in 2005 - admits it was "really difficult" to deal with the time following his split from the Hollywood actress in 2004 which resulted in him living in a hotel in Chelsea, New York, for a few years.

He said: "I call it the black years. It was really difficult. It was difficult in ways I couldn't even see at the time. There was the obvious way in which it was difficult - the death of a dream, the inability to parent in the way that you want to.

But for me it was - what's that Dante quote? 'At the midpoint of my life, I've come to the part of the forest where the straight way is lost.' Nothing teaches you like getting levelled. And I got levelled in my early 30s.

"Nothing went exactly the way I thought it would. Wait a second: love isn't real and, holy s**t, I put all this energy into not making the same mistake my parents did and I just re-enacted them all! I thought I was so much smarter than everybody. And I'm not."

The 'Dead Poets Society' star - who has two kids, Indiana and Clementine Jane, with Ryan, and two children, Maya and Levon, with Uma - managed to find solace in theatre acting following his split from Uma, and he used his role as an actor in David Rabe's 'Hurlyburly' to take his anger out.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Ethan, 41, added: "I put every ounce of anger that I possibly possessed into that play and I tried to ventilate it.

I thought, I can't control what people think about me, but the one thing I can control is whether I'm improving as a performer. And my bet is that if I work on doing that I'll probably also, as a domino effect, improve as a person. That's been the goal of the last five or six years."

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Ethan hawke and ryan shawhughes, While the couple’s pregnancy was intially reported back in April, they managed to keep the news of Indiana’s birth off the radar until an eye witness spotted Hawke and his wife of three years showing off their family’s newest addition at La Bottega at the NYC’s Maritime Hotel Friday afternoon.

“He was introducing the kid to the other people at his table and staff and other people in the restaurant.” the witness explained to the NY Post.

Indiana is Ethan and Ryan’s second child together as they welcomed their first child, daughter, Clementine Jane, in July 2008 after marrying earlier that year.

In addition to Indiana and Clementine, the 40-year-old Training Day star also has two children from his previous marriage to Uma Thurman – daughter Maya, 13, and son Levon, 9.

On top of his growing parenting duties, Hawke is set to co-star in Encore’s new mini series, Moby Dick, and will also appear in the reboot of the 1990 science fiction flick “Total Recall,” opposite Colin Farrell.

The movie is set for release on August 3, 2012.

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Ethan hawke and ryan shawhughes baby two, Ethan Hawke and his wife, Ryan Hawke (nee Shawhughes), welcomed their second child together two weeks ago, a girl named Indiana!

She's the fourth child for the actor, who also has two kids with ex-wife Uma Thurman. News of this pregnancy was first reported in April.

Ethan, 40, and Ryan married in June 2008. Their daughter, Clementine Jane, is 3. Hawke's kids with Thurman are Maya, 13, and Levon, 9.

In 2006, Ethan Hawke said parenting has brought him the greatest joy in life and was "the only role that, if I fail, I will consider my life a failure."

Well put. We wish Ethan and Ryan nothing but the best in that endeavor, and congratulate the happy, growing family on this most joyous occasion.

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Rudy giuliani and judith nathan, You gotta love kids. They are so honest. Andrew Giuliani, now a senior at Duke, spoke to a New York Times reporter the other day who was curious about his and his sister's absence from the campaign trail:

In a telephone interview yesterday, Andrew, a sophomore and member of the golf team at Duke University, acknowledged having had difficulties with Ms. Nathan, and said that he and his father had recently tried to reconcile after not speaking “for a decent amount of time.”

“There’s obviously a little problem that exists between me and his wife,” the younger Mr. Giuliani said. “And we’re trying to figure that out. But as of right now it’s not working as well as we would like.”

Does the thrice-married Giuliani think he's the teflon-man and all attacks on him will dissipate in honor of him being the 9/11 mayor? Surely, his 15 minutes of mayoral fame won't stretch that far.

More from Andrew, and then onto Caroline:

Andrew Giuliani said he would not participate in his father’s campaign, saying his devotion to becoming a professional golfer within three years allows no time for distraction.

While he would not say how long he had been estranged from his father, others close to the family said it appeared to have been for at least a year.

...Similarly, a distance appears to have developed between Mr. Giuliani and his daughter, now a high school senior who is to attend Harvard University in September.

Then there's Rudy the father, who apparently deserted his kids in spirit after his marriage to Nathan:

Mr. Giuliani once prided himself on attending all his children’s events and went to Andrew’s high school football games and Caroline’s plays. But he stopped at some point after his marriage to Ms. Nathan in 2003. He missed his son’s graduation, in 2005, and his daughter’s plays in the last 18 months, said people who attended those events.

Divorce is never fun for anyone, particularly kids. But, think about it. From the time Rudy met Judy, his life has been a whirlwind of high-flying, from building international security and investment companies, to public speaking, and traveling the globe (to get foreign affairs experience in case he wanted to move from Mayor to President in one fell swoop.) What time was left for his children?

Will he play Blame the Ex and claim Donna Hanover, his former wife, turned the children against him and did her best to make sure they didn't want him around?

The kids apparently turned out well -- Andrew is going to be a professional golfer and Caroline is about to enroll at Harvard. Surely during their teenage years they formed their own opinions of their father, separate and apart from those of their mother.

I think Rudy's arrogance knows no bounds. He thinks people will gloss over his three wives and inability to successfully integrate his children into his current domestic life. I think he's wrong.

Update: A good read is this Dec. 2006 Salon article about Rudy being an authoritarian narcissist.

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Rudy and judith giuliani, She brought enough political baggage to fill a Louis Vuitton trunk. Indeed, part of Rudy Giuliani's presidential flameout can be traced back to his Judi - the woman he fell for in a cigar bar in 1999 while he was the married mayor with a wife and two young children at home.

"She was a major part of the reason for Giuliani's collapse," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. "Rudy wanted to head up the 'family values' party, and Judi didn't fit that label. Even worse, Giuliani was estranged from his children.

Their refusal to campaign for him spoke volumes to voters."
Among the low notes that brought national embarrassment to the one-time GOP frontrunner: her use of taxpayer-funded NYPD detectives as personal valets and chauffeurs while she was the mayor's mistress; revelations of a secret past marriage; and interrupting Giuliani's speech to the National Rifle Association with a cutesy cell phone call to say hi.

Mike McKeon, the campaign aide who was in charge of handling Mrs. Giuliani's national "roll-out" last March, said that despite her lack of campaign chops, she was an experienced public speaker who would remain on the trail.
"Judith is nothing but an asset, and, as the campaign continues, she's going to be a larger and larger asset," he had said. "She'll be one of our key surrogates."

Never happened. Judith Giuliani was rolled back inside the campaign tent as fast as she was rolled out.
Doubts emerged early about the former pharmaceutical sales rep's ability to be a polished stand-in for her husband.
At her first public appearance, a March fund-raiser in Manhattan, an unscripted Mrs. Giuliani rambled in front of 1,000 supporters. Guests winced when she talked about their first dates (he was a married man) and her ability to "pick up the phone as Judith Giuliani" and get the rich and famous to donate to her pet causes.

The rest of the month did not go much better. The former mayor's 21-year-old son, Andrew, said he would not be campaigning for his dad. "There's obviously a little problem that exists between me and his wife," he told an interviewer, exposing a deep family rift that remains.

Ten days later, the Daily News unearthed evidence of an earlier Las Vegas marriage, forcing her to concede she had been married not twice, but three times.

Giuliani also had to retract a comment during a Barbara Walters interview that, if elected, he'd allow his wife - a graduate of a two-year nursing program with no college degree - to sit in on cabinet meetings.
Press accounts were not flattering either, describing the 53-year-old Hazleton, Pa., native as a social climber who liked to spend Giuliani's post-9/11 cash.

In a Vanity Fair profile last fall, a Giuliani aide remarked that an "entire airplane seat was needed for Judith's 'Baby Louis' - a reference to her expensive Louis Vuitton handbag - which sits in solitary splendor on her travels."

Except for the past few weeks, where a doting Judith accompanied her husband on the stump in Florida, she largely remained behind the scenes.

Speaking to supporters in Orlando Tuesday night after he placed a distant third in a state where he once held a commanding lead,
 Giuliani turned first to his Judith, thanking her "for being a loving, patient and supportive partner."
"Rudy would have been in this boat even without her," said a longtime Giuliani associate. "But she wasn't an asset. She brought a lot of it on herself."

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Cinco de Mayo 2013: History, Facts and Recipes for Celebration, Cinco de Mayo means the "fifth of May" in Spanish. Many Americans believe that Cinco de Mayoommemorates Mexico's independence from Spain. In fact, it began as a local holiday that celebrated Mexico's defeat of the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

The History of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War between 1861 and 1867. Although it wasn't a major strategic win in the overall war against the French, the Mexican army's' success at Puebla represented a great symbolic victory for the Mexican government and bolstered the resistance movement. Six years later, thanks in part to military support and political pressure from the United States, which was finally in a position to aid its besieged neighbor after the end of the Civil War and France withdrew.

Within Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is primarily observed in the state of Puebla, where the Mexican army's unlikely triumph occurred, although other parts of the country also take part in the celebration. Traditions include military parades, recreations of the Battle of Puebla and other festive events. For many Mexicans, however, May 5 is a day like any other: It is not a federal holiday, so offices, banks and stores remain open.

Cinco de Mayo Facts

In Puebla and in many USA cities with large Mexican populations, there are parades, dancing and festivals.
In addition to its importance in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is significant to all Americans because it marks the last time that any foreign power has acted the aggressor on North American soil.
The largest Cinco de Mayo event in the world is held in Los Angeles, California, where more than 600,000 people celebrate with music and food. The whole event is called Festival de Fiesta Broadway.
Despite a common misconception, Cinco De Mayo does not celebrate Mexico's Independence Day, which takes place on Sept. 16.
Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Beans
Rice, Chicken and Beans "Arroz con Pollo y Frijoles"
Beef Taco Skillet
Mexican Bean Salad
Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipes
You can't have Cinco de Mayo without Margaritas, which was pretty much Mexico's gift to America after helping them win the war against France.

Beer Margarita
Limeade Tequila Margarita
Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita
Or you can find out how to make your own margarita.

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See the world's largest rubber duck, In a time when there is so much bad news, this is a happy little news story about the world's largest rubber duck. According to a May 1 report on BoredPanda.com, the world's largest rubber duck arrived yesterday to Honk Kong's Victoria Harbour.

The "Rubber Duck,' as it is called, is a floating sculpture that measures 46 feet tall and 55 feet long. Designed by a Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, the inflatable rubber duck received a great deal of attention even while being inflated in the Tsing Yi shipyard.

View slideshow: The World's biggest rubber duck
You can view the world's largest rubber duck in the slideshow attached to this article.

It is hard not to smile at the image of a gigantic rubber duck floating by the ships in the harbour or floating alongside the coastal skyline. That is the whole purpose of the world's largest rubber duck project. The artist's web site says it this way:

“the Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation.The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!”

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HIV cure 'within months' : But is headline misleading?, Is the headline of an HIV cure 'within months' misleading?

Dr. Steven Novella express skepticism in a May 2 story in the Neurological Blog.

Novella wrote, "I was therefore skeptical of the following headline, “HIV cure months away, Danish scientists say, citing novel new DNA treatment.” Perhaps there are Danish scientists claiming this, but that is a bold claim. I also worry about any clinical claim that a treatment is close. What does that mean, exactly? Either there is compelling clinical evidence of efficacy or there isn’t. You can’t predict the results of future research, so if the evidence isn’t here yet then we simply don’t know. At best such statements are expressing an optimistic hope."

Novella is not alone in his skepticism. The headlines of an HIV cure “within months,” may be premature, according to Dennis Sifris, M.D., an HIV specialist and the Chief Medical Officer of LifeSense Disease Management and James Myhre , a journalist and HIV educator who penned a skeptical article about the Danish study in About.com on May 1.

Although Dr. Sifris and Myhre write that they don’t intend to take away from the research that they describe as “credible and compelling,” they write that the technique which draws HIV out of the body’s reservoirs does not guarantee a cure and they are dubious that a cure is "within months."

HIV drugs work by preventing the virus from reproducing or from entering blood cells, but some of the virus remains dormant in reservoirs in the body only to roar back when HIV drugs are stopped.

Sifris and Myhre write, “Drawing these viruses from their hiding places doesn't mean that the body can automatically neutralize them. A number of clinical studies are investigating whether the use of HDAC inhibitors in the reactivation of latent HIV will result in a so-called "viral cytopathic effect" (whereby the virus naturally dies), or if we'll need to develop an HIV-specific immune response to neutralize these viruses. That is the big question and where months can often turn into years.”

HIV cure 'within months'?

People living with HIV are justifiably cynical when it comes to reports of an HIV cure A number of previous studies have promised an HIV cure but the cure has never materialized. But the headline of an HIV cure within months is attracting a lot of attention and new hope.

Typical of most of the news reporting, The Daily Telegraph reported last week, “Scientists on brink of HIV cure”

“Researchers believe that there will be a breakthrough in finding a cure for HIV “within months”

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Newt gingrich presidential campaign, National Journal reporter Jill Lawrence attended the Washington, D.C., Friday showing of Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller‘s “Bolder Fresher” tour. She wrote-up a post on her experience at the event, which featured a poke at Newt Gingrich‘s waistline.

O’Reilly started right off shouting (literally) at Obama for not tagging the Boston Marathon attacks “Islamic jihad” right after they occurred. “What kind of a message does this send when the commander in chief will not define the enemy?” he thundered.

In his Objective Analyst mode, O’Reilly added that Obama can’t be blamed because he never sold himself as a bold leader.

“He didn’t come on like Winston Churchill. That’s not who he pretended to be,” he said.
Which raises the question of how did Obama win reelection. Which leads to a staple of O’Reilly’s shtick since then: a critique of the 2012 GOP field.

Ron Paul passed one bill, renaming a post office, in 22 years in Congress. Rick Perry had a problem getting beyond “howdy” and “looking sharp.” Rick Santorum talked about religion, and shouldn’t have. Newt Gingrich “put on eight pounds” every day of the campaign, and “the bigger he got, the testier he got.”

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Newt and callista gingrich, When Victoria Villante and her mother Michelle set out for Barnes and Noble Booksellers last Saturday, the plan was to pick up a book for Victoria's English class.

"I had to get 'Wuthering Heights' for school," said Victoria Villante.

Her mother, browsing the shelves, saw former Speaker Newt Gingrich's new historical novel, "Victory at Yorktown." Then she saw the sign above it: Speaker Gingrich and his wife would be at the store signing copies of their respective books during an event happening just minutes from when the mother-daughter pair had arrived.

The pair were thrilled.

Victoria Villante, who goes to Gulf Coast High School, said she snapped up a copy of "Victory at Yorktown" as soon as she saw it. "I love history, history is my thing, so I'm so excited to read this," she gushed while waiting in line to have her books signed by the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Villantes were just two of many in line to see the famous political couple. By the time the signing began, a line snaked around the second floor of the Naples bookstore.

While the former speaker and presidential hopeful was promoting his new historical fiction work, his wife, Callista Gingrich, was signing copies of her new children's book.

"This is my second book," explained CallistaGingrich, in reference to her book "Land of the Pilgrim's Pride." She added that, "Both books star Ellis, my time-traveling elephant."

Unfortunately, Ellis—who sometimes makes appearances at signings—wasn't able to make Saturday's event. "Ellis is resting this weekend, he felt bad he couldn't be here this weekend, he really did," said Callista Gingrich, with a smile.

Callista Gingrich says that her goal for writing these children's books was to help foster a love of America in young children. "I write these books because I really want kids to begin to understand what a great nation this is," she said, but she admitted that sometimes making history interesting to the early elementary school crowd has its challenges. In this particular book, Ellis the Elephant travels through each of the 13 original colonies, andCallista Gingrich laughed as she said, "Making Connecticut as a colony interesting to 4-8 year olds, that can be tough."

People waiting in line, however, didn't seem bored by the wait or the book. Almost everyone clutched copies of both author's books— Newt Gingrich's for themselves and Callista Gingrich's for their grandkids.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sheehan were doing exactly that. One of the first couples through the line, the part-time Naples residents purchased books by both authors. Richard Sheehan said that, while he'd waited three hours to see Mitt Romney, he was pleased the line on Saturday wasn't that long.

Newt Gingrich's latest book is the conclusion to his fiction series—penned with co-author William Forstchen—on George Washington and the Revolutionary War. "I'm part Irish, so I like to tell stories," said Newt Gingrich, adding, "And I write very fast, but I don't really like to edit."

Luckily, his wife is an ace editor, who actually enjoys picking through copy with a red pen. The two actually say that, in general, they work pretty well together. As a pair they run Gingrich Productions, a multimedia production company that produces books, films, documentaries and presentations on American history and American values. "You have to have a balance, it takes constant self-management" says Newt Gingrich on going into business with your spouse. He adds "sometimes we have a hard time shutting it off at the end of the day, but we're never bored."

And while the busy couple is always on the go—and never bored—they never refuse a chance to come to Naples. "We always love coming to Naples," said the former speaker.

His wife emphatically agreed with him, adding, "Oh yes, it's always nice to be in Naples."

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Debbie reynolds forgave elizabeth taylor, When Debbie Reynolds reflects on her friend and former foe Elizabeth Taylor, her words are often brushed with bittersweet strokes. Speaking a day after the film icon's death, Reynolds calls Taylor "the most glamorous star of our generation" and notes that "women liked her and men adored her, including my husband." As the story goes, back in 1959 Reynolds' husband Eddie Fisher fell under Taylor's intoxicating spell and left her and their two young kids. To make matters worse, it was all done in full view of the public.

"She went through her younger years of just obtaining what she wanted," Reynolds tells PopEater. "Later in life she became a little more aware of other people's feelings."

Reynolds tells us about forgiving her old friend, working with Taylor in her final starring role in 2001 and how she feels Jane Russell was given the short shrift when she died earlier this month.

Tell me how you forgave Elizabeth.
It was after many years. I'd remarried and she'd remarried. I was going to London on the Queen Elizabeth ship and I looked up and I saw tons of luggage going by me and birdcages and dog cages and nurses and I realized Elizabeth was on the same ship as me. I almost changed my mind about going but my husband said, 'Don't be silly, we won't be on the same floor. Of course we were so I sent a note to her room and she sent a note back to mine saying that we should have dinner and get this over with and have a good time. Because we were very good friends when we were 17 and went to school together on the MGM lot. And we had a wonderful evening with a lot of laughs.

Was it cathartic making the 2001 TV movie, 'These Old Broads,' with Liz?
Yes it was. I got her view point and she got mine. I had already warned Eddie when he left that she would throw him out after a year and a half because he wasn't nearly exciting enough for her which I knew and which I'm sure she knew at the time. He answered her call and she took the call. Eddie was crazy about Elizabeth. He loved her very much. So it was one of those things that happen in life and you just have to get through it.

I always thought it was unfair that they compared Jennifer Aniston to you. She didn't have kids with Brad Pitt. You had two babies.
Well they just compared it because it was scandalous and every generation has their scandal and that was as close as they could come up with. It's just something that passes over my back like water. I've been in this business for 65 years. My birthday is April fool's Day. I'll be 79 so nothing really surprises me. I'm very sorry for Elizabeth's passing. She was the most glamorous star of our generation and women liked her and men adored her including my husband. She was a symbol of stardom and her legacy will go on forever.

You just shot a movie with Katherine Heigl ('One for the Money').
My agent sent me the script and I thought the character was a funny old broad.

Maybe you can be the next Betty White.
I should be so lucky to be offered those parts! Betty's a great girl and she's a great comedienne. I think I'm a pretty good comedienne myself.

Does it get depressing losing friends?
Yes it seems lately it's a lot. Jane Russell died last week and she was a very dear friend of mine. I felt like they didn't give her a very good send off.

What motivates you?
Your work motivates you, keeps you happy and busy. Elizabeth worked really hard all of her life and she raised her children really well. She worked really hard for HIV; I've worked hard for mental health. We both feel we've done our job and our commitment to the community. This is what we love. Elizabeth has done a great job and I'm very proud of her. She went through her younger years of just obtaining what she wanted and later in life she became a little more aware of other people's feelings.

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Eddie fisher and elizabeth taylor, Eddie Fisher, one of Hollywood's original bad boys, died on Wednesday at the age of 82. Fisher, as well known for his string of top 40 hits as he was for a scandalous personal life that included struggles with addiction and multiple marriages to Hollywood starlets like Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds, died in Berkley, California, due to complications from recent hip surgery, according to a statement released by his family.

"He was loved and will be missed by his four children: Carrie, Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh as well as his six grandchildren," read the statement, according to Reuters. "He was an extraordinary talent and a true mensch ['decent person' in Yiddish]."

The fourth of seven children born to Russian-born Jewish immigrant parents in Philadelphia on August 10, 1928, Fisher began his singing career as a child, singing in local amateur contests and radio shows. He eventually dropped out of high school in his senior year to pursue a musical career and was discovered in the late 1940s. After a stint in the Army, he embarked on a multi-faceted career that included two television series, a string of hit singles and bookings in popular nightclubs.

A teen idol at a time when the first seeds of rock and roll were being sown, Fisher was a middle-of-the-road singer whose popularity was so great that Coca-Cola signed him to a then-princely $1 million contract to be its spokesperson and headline his first TV series, "Coke Time With Eddie Fisher."

When rock finally broke through and the more dangerous and alluring Elvis Presley eclipsed Fisher on the charts, Fisher's musical career fizzled. He began a string of notorious celebrity marriages (and divorces) as he struggled with addictions to cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription drugs. In his autobiography "Been There, Done That," he admitted that his romantic entanglements would probably overshadow his artistic legacy: "It isn't the music that people remember most about me. It's the women," he wrote.

His first marriage was to movie star Debbie Reynolds, with whom he had two children. One was Carrie Fisher, the noted author and movie star who portrayed Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars" films. That marriage fell apart in 1958, when Fisher set off one of the most notorious celebrity scandals of the era by starting an affair with screen queen Elizabeth Taylor while trying to console her about the death of her husband, and Fisher's good friend, movie producer Mike Todd. The scandal cost Fisher his second TV series, "The Eddie Fisher Show," and essentially sank his career. But it made Taylor an international sex symbol and superstar.

Fisher married Taylor in 1959 and they co-starred in the movie "Butterfield 8," but when rumors emerged that Taylor was having an affair with "Cleopatra" co-star Richard Burton, Fisher was on the outs. Taylor dumped him and married Burton in 1964. Next up for Fisher was actress Connie Stevens; their two-year marriage ended in divorce and produced two more children. One was actress Joely Fisher, best known for her TV roles on the shows "Ellen" and "'Til Death."

Over the years he was romantically entangled with a number of other starlets, including Marlene Dietrich, Dinah Shore, Angie Dickinson and Kim Novak. He also married two more times, to Terry Richard (which lasted one year) and to Betty Lin, who he stayed with from 1993 until her death in 2001.

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Elizabeth Taylor Left Eddie Fisher For Richard Burton, Eddie Fisher was the golden boychik of mainstream pop, the dimpled troubadour from Philadelphia. Pretty and poised, he had the packaging and the product: a clear, confident tenor that could turn powerful or intimate at will.

In the 1950-54 prerock period — the most tepid five years in the history of 20th century music — he had 19 songs reach the Top 10, including four ("Wish You Were Here," "I'm Walking Behind You," "Oh! My Pa-Pa," "I Need You Now") that went to No. 1. When he was drafted into the Army during the Korean War, President Harry Truman proclaimed him "my favorite PFC." He transferred his vinyl popularity to a TV variety show and then to movies. Fisher's covenant with Hollywood mythology was sealed with his 1955 marriage to Debbie Reynolds, Hollywood's princess of pert. It marked the perfect merger of adorable and adorabler.

Show-business legend-making is dreams plus lies. Sometimes the truth slithers out from under the parade float, sometimes not — more frequently now than in that sedate stretch between World War II and Vietnam. Fisher was an agent of one of those shocks to propriety in 1959, when he divorced Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor. Liz could wed early and often (this was her fourth marriage, at 27); the public saw her as a creature of exotic allure and mercurial passions.

But Eddie, promoted as the boy next door, was declared a war criminal of domesticity for deserting Debbie's dollhouse. Fisher was the victim of another, larger jolt in 1962, when Taylor left him for her Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton. Biter bit, America thought; serves him right. The one-two punch of infidelity and cuckoldry left an instant, perpetual brand on Fisher's résumé. From platinum recording artist to Johnny Carson punch line, he dwelled in oldies purgatory for nearly 50 years, dying Sept. 22 in Berkeley, Calif., of complications from a hip fracture. He was 82.

"By the time I was 33 years old," he proclaimed in his 1999 autobiography Been There, Done That (penned with celebrity ghostwriter David Fisher), "I'd been married to America's sweetheart and America's femme fatale, and both marriages had ended in scandal; I'd been one of the most popular singers in America and had given up my career for love; I had fathered two children and adopted two children and rarely saw any of them; I was addicted to methamphetamines, and I couldn't sleep at night without a huge dose of Librium. And from all this I had learned one very important lesson: There were no rules for me.

I could get away with anything so long as that sound came out of my throat." By the 1980s, the drugs were choking the sound; Fisher was often unable to perform. "It was either quit cocaine or quit performing," he says in the book. New paragraph. "So much for my career."

As a kid, Edwin Jack Fisher didn't have much to sing about. He described his father Joseph, a Jewish immigrant from Russia (where the family name was either Tisch or Fisch) as "a nasty, abusive man, a tyrant." Joseph's side of the family thought that his wife, the long-suffering Kate, was beneath them. ("The only time I ever heard the Fishers say anything kind about my mother was in the limousine on the way to her funeral.") The boy's ticket out of this unhappy family was his voice; by his teens it had gotten him regular jobs on three Philadelphia radio shows. Eddie Cantor heard him sing at Grossinger's in the Catskills and put Fisher on his national radio show, and the 21-year-old secured a recording contract with RCA Victor. His skein of hits began with "Any Time," which became his signature song, and abated around the time RCA signed Elvis Presley, another young heartthrob with the voice of rebellion, sexuality and the future.

Fisher co-starred in two movies: with Reynolds in the 1956 Bundle of Joy, and with Taylor in Butterfield 8 in 1960. His presence, so genial on TV, looked skulking on the big screen, and that wrote finis to his film career. He admitted he was no great shakes as a dramatic performer — except for a few times on the concert stage. His father, now proud of his famous boy, would sit in the front row, gazing up as Eddie sang the Euro-plaint "Oh! My Pa-Pa" ("To me he was so wonderful ..."), and Eddie would look down, seemingly misting up at the sight of the man who had made his family miserable. Now that, Fisher said, was acting.

In his memoir, Fisher was incapable of acting the gentleman to his first wife. "I've often been asked what I learned from that marriage," he writes. "That's simple: Don't marry Debbie Reynolds." They had two children, Carrie (the writer and actress) and Todd (who in the 1990s managed Debbie's Las Vegas showplace). He would soon have little time for them.

While consoling Taylor over the plane-crash death of her husband, producer Mike Todd, Fisher fell hard for the reigning movie queen. "Sexually she was every man's dream," he recalled. "She had the face of an angel and the morals of a truck driver." Decades after Taylor left him, he says, he still carried the torch with the blue flame. His third marriage, to actress Connie Stevens — "the nicest ex-wife I've ever had" — spawned two daughters, Tricia Leigh and Joely, and ended in the usual rancor. "I wish you good luck, good health and wealth and happiness in your own time on your own terms," Stevens wrote him in a farewell note. "I do not wish you love as you wouldn't know what to do with it."

Love replaced lust in the Fisher hierarchy; then cocaine and methamphetamines took over. He got hooked in 1953, backstage at the Paramount Theater in Times Square, by the notorious Dr. Feelgood, Max Jacobson, who, Fisher claimed, also treated President John F. Kennedy. ("Jack Kennedy and I shared drugs and women.") Fisher's memoir details affairs with Ann-Margret, Edie Adams, Carol Lynley, Stefanie Powers and many others, some of whom have denied the liaisons. He asserted that Taylor was also addicted to pills and booze and that he once borrowed a gun with the intention of shooting Burton.

As the stories get wilder, in a book that may be more acute in its writing than in its veracity, the reader may think Fisher is channeling the other Richard Burton, the 19th century translator of the fanciful Mideast tales in One Thousand and One Nights. But we don't doubt that Fisher lived, as he insisted, "the thousand nights of pleasure and the thousand nights of drug-addicted hell." In 1990 he checked into the Betty Ford Clinic; apparently he was clean for his last 20 years. Fisher did not divorce his final wife, Betty Lin; she died nine years before he did.

A gift of song, an early success, a gash of notoriety; a host of fractured hearts, only one of them his. Sometimes show-business truth can be more instructive than Tinseltown fable. Can we say that Eddie Fisher lived an exemplarily misspent life?

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Bacall married 12 years until bogart's death, Lauren Bacall born Betty Joan Perske, September 16, 1924: Humphrey DeForest Bogart December 25, 1899 – January 14, 1957; Lauren Bacall is an American film and stage actress and model, known for her distinctive husky voice and sultry looks.

She first emerged as leading lady in the Humphrey Bogart film To Have And Have Not (1944) and continued on in the film noir genre, with appearances in Bogart movies The Big Sleep (1946) , Dark Passage (1947), and Key Largo (1948), as well as a comedienne in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) with Marilyn Monroe and Designing Woman (1957) with Gregory Peck. Bacall has also worked on Broadway in musicals, gaining Tony Awards for Applause in 1970 and Woman of the Year in 1981. Her performance in the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996) earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination.

In 1999, Bacall was ranked #20 of the 25 actresses on the AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars list by the American Film Institute. In 2009, she was selected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to receive an Academy Honorary Award "in recognition of her central place in the Golden Age of motion pictures."

On May 21, 1945, Bacall married Humphrey Bogart. Their wedding and honeymoon took place at Malabar Farm, Lucas, Ohio. It was the country home of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield, a close friend of Bogart. The wedding was held in the Big House. Bacall was 20 and Bogart was 45. They remained married until Bogart's death from esophageal cancer in 1957.

Bogart usually called Bacall "Baby," even when referring to her in conversations with other people. During the filming of The African Queen (1951), Bacall and Bogart became friends of Bogart's co-star Katharine Hepburn and her partner Spencer Tracy. Bacall also began to mix in non-acting circles, becoming friends with the historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and the journalist Alistair Cooke. In 1952, she gave campaign speeches for Democratic Presidential contender Adlai Stevenson. Along with other Hollywood figures, Bacall was a staunch opponent of McCarthyism.

Shortly after Bogart's death in 1957, Bacall had a relationship with singer and actor Frank Sinatra. She told Robert Osborne, of Turner Classic Movies (TCM), in an interview, that she had ended the romance. However, in her autobiography, she wrote that Sinatra abruptly ended the relationship, having become angry that the story of his proposal to Bacall had reached the press. Bacall and her friend Swifty Lazar had run into the gossip columnist Louella Parsons, to whom Lazar had spilled the beans. Sinatra then cut Bacall off and went to Las Vegas.

Bacall was married to actor Jason Robards, Jr., who resembled Bogart in various ways, from 1961 to 1969. According to Bacall's autobiography, she divorced Robards mainly because of his alcoholism. In her autobiography Now, she recalls having a relationship with Len Cariou, her co-star in Applause.

Bacall had a son and daughter with Bogart and a son with Robards. Her children with Bogart are her son Stephen Humphrey Bogart (born January 6, 1949), a news producer, documentary film maker and author; and her daughter Leslie Bogart (born August 23, 1952), a yoga instructor. Sam Robards (born December 16, 1961), her son with Robards, is an actor.

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Humphrey bogart & lauren bacall, In the very setting of that famous cinematic face-off between Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson — from the fourth film of the Bogart-Bacall series — the town of Key Largo will be celebrating ol’ Bogie’s legacy this May 2 through 5 during the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival.

In honor of the namesake film’s 65th anniversary, the festival will kick things off by presenting the famous film noir classic “Key Largo” starring Humphrey Bogart, his wife Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore and Claire Trevor in a special outdoor waterfront screening during Thursday night’s cocktail reception.

Taking place at Key Largo’s Murray E. Nelson Government and Cultural Center, the premiere will be hosted by none other than Stephen Bogart, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall’s son, with esteemed film critic Leonard Maltin as special guest.

If you can’t make it to the festival’s outdoor debut, never fear. The festival will be offering both indoor and outdoor screenings of the best of Bogie’s films throughout the weekend, including such film noir classics as “The Maltese Falcon,” “The Big Sleep” and “Dark Passage,” as well as a special double-feature of the award-winning “Casablanca” and “The African Queen.”

In fact, the festival will be hailing these two American cinema standards by offering cruises on the original and newly restored vessel African Queen along the Key Largo shoreline (by reservation), as well as a Casablanca-themed, red-carpet gala on Saturday, May 4, at the Hilton Key Largo Resort with Stephen Bogart as host and attendees encouraged to dress as their favorite characters from the film.

The gala will also be honoring John Huston, long-time friend and director to many of Bogart’s films, by bestowing this year’s film festival award in Huston’s name. In attendance to receive the award on behalf of his grandfather will be “Boardwalk Empire” star Jack Huston.

The festival has not only gained praise by Bogart fans and locals alike, but has also been sanctioned by the Bogart estate, which is producing the event in partnership with the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce. Tickets to Saturday night’s gala (deemed the ‘Bogart Ball’) run for $175 per person, or attendees can purchase individual and double-feature movie tickets for $10 and $20 respectively.

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