1. When the counter nearly full,an orange light blinks on the RESUME button 8 times.
Switch to green power button one time,press a RESUME button.
The printer are working then.But if the counter is full a light on the power and Resume will flash alternately.
It will show "error number : 5B00" on the screen.

2. Connected POWER and USB line before the reset.

3. Download this tool or visit www.compute.co.th

4. After downloading,you will get a file "ip2770.doc" but you have to change the file name extension from ".doc" to ".exe"

5. Double clicks on file ip2770.exe

6. Notice at the usb port,it must be the same number as a printer's driver.
You can check it by go to Control Panel --->Printers and Faxes ----> Canon IP2770
then right click and choose printer properties then choose Port as the picture
After checking the same port. Then go to services mode and follow the steps
Turn of without pull the AC power line out,wait until a printer is turning off.
press a resume and a power button for a while and press resume until 5 times
(there fore press a resume also still on power button)after 5 times.Leave them.
If correct,the green light will flash on ready to work.

7. Click Reload you will get a new USB port

8. Add two sheets of paper and press of main button,wait until a printer
(The program will be highlighted in gray) it will show "error 001"
press OK.

9. Press EEPROM wait until a printer working.
(The program will be highlighted in gray) and print one more paper
after that will show the text , click OK.

10. When completed step then turn off and turn on,it will work the same
(Sometimes have to press Power twice to turn off).

translate from www.compute.co.th

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