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Trump slams Stewart

Trump slams Stewart, Donald Trump is never one to shy away from letting people know what he thinks, as is evident as Trump slams Stewart from “The Daily Show” over one of Jon's latest shows. E! Online shared the details on May 3.

A recent “The Daily Show” episode showed Jon Stewart joking about Donald Trump's “birth name,” which he declared was “F**ckface Von Clownstick.” The dig comes just after Trump had taken to Twitter to dog on Stewart, claiming that Jon was overrated and dumber than “The Celebrity Apprentice” host. Trump also shared Stewart's birth name, which is Jonathan Leibowitz, thus prompting Stewart's piece on Trump's supposed birth name.

Though Trump is good at dishing it all out, he isn't always so tough about taking the digs in return. Trump slams Stewart for mocking him and ranted via his Twitter page about the name going viral on social media. As Donald Trump usually does, he posted multiple tweets on the issue as he ranted on for some time. Whet…

Pit Bull Saves Woman

Pit Bull Saves Woman, A woman and her child will be forever grateful to a stray pit bull. Back in January, a woman named Angela and her two-year-old son were playing on a playground in Port Charlotte, Florida. As the two were leaving the park and entering the playground, a man with a knife attempted to attack the mother and child.

It was then that a stray pit bull that had been running around the park came to the family’s rescue.

The sixty-five pound pit bull charged at the knife-wielding man and scared him off.

Shaken, Angela jumped in her car with her son. Still shaken from the incident, she was even more surprised to see that the pit bull had followed her into her backseat. The courageous pit bull who had scared off her potential attacker had wanted to go home with her too.

Angela named the stray dog “Angel” because she believes it is her guardian angel. She plans to adopt the dog if no one comes forward to claim it.

As Angela told told NBC2 News in an interview about the incident:

I don…

God Gesture Disqualifies Team

God Gesture Disqualifies Team, What seemed like an innocent gesture had major consequences for the Columbus, Texas, High School Mighty Cardinals track team.

The Cardinals thought they won a 4×100 relay and a chance to move on to State, having bested the field by seven yards.

But Derrick Hayes’ skyward point led to a disqualification.

The runner was gesturing in thanks to God, but the point counted as “excessive celebration,” which is against the state scholastic rules.

Many in the town, including the runner’s father, called it a violation of religious freedom, but the school insists the gesture is not banned because it is religious, but because it is celebratory.

Miley tops Maxim: Miley Cyrus reveals that she’s Maxim’s hottest woman of 2013

Miley tops Maxim: Miley Cyrus reveals that she’s Maxim’s hottest woman of 2013, Miley Cyrus decided to leak the news that she placed No. 1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list for 2013. According to a May 4 report by E! Online, Miley took to Twitter to let her fans know that they helped her snag the top spot. So all that twerking really paid off.

Miley tweeted, “Didn't know this was coming out yet! I'm so happy to be #1 on Maxims HOT 100! #myfanskickass #dreamsdocometrue.” Maxim was probably a little miffed that Miley Cyrus decided to leak the news before the site made its official announcement, but it’s fitting that Miley decided to use Twitter to break the news -- Maxim readers vote on who gets to top the Hot 100 every year, so Miley started using the social media site to encourage her fans to vote for her so that she would win the title of the hottest woman of 2013. Miley beat a bevvy of beautiful models, singers, and actresses this year, and last year the winner was model Bar Refaeli.


Anne curry wasn't good at job

Ann Curry “wasn’t good at her job,” said author Brian Stelter in his new book, Top of the Morning. Stelter went behind the scenes when Curry replaced Meredith Vieira on NBC’s Today show, only to get the axe a year later in the notorious Operation Bambi.

The New York Times staff writer and veteran reporter placed a lot of blame for ratings shift from Today to Good Morning America at the feet of the luckless Ann Curry. As far as Stelter is concerned, the ratings tell the tale — and the sorry truth is that Curry’s performance just didn’t cut it.

After 15 years, Good Morning America finally passed up Today in the ratings with co-host Ann Curry in the chair.

He also saved some blame for NBC itself, calling out the producers for letting the show get stale.

Whether Ann Curry was good at her job or not, Brian Stelter admitted that she faced an uphill battle for acceptance on Today. Calling the TV morning news business “Machiavellian” and “cutthroat,” he pointed out that hundreds of millions of do…

Sarah palin chewing tobacco

Sarah palin chewing tobacco, Sarah Palin took a shot at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during her speech Friday at the National Rifle Association's convention in Houston.The former Republican vice presidential nominee pulled a tin of chewing tobacco out, after saying "Now I see that the mayor of New York now wants to ban public displays of legal tobacco products."

Referencing her sip of a Big Gulp at the CPAC convention in March, Palin tapped the chewing tobacco tin and said, ""I tell ya, don't make me do it."

Palin also said that recent mass shootings have prompted leaders in Washington, D.C., to exploit tragedy in order to limit the freedoms of law-abiding people.

She said while she and others were saddened and angered by December's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the emotions that have resulted from it won't make anybody safer and won't "protect the good guys' rights."

The former governor of Alaska aske…

Witherspoon arrest video

Witherspoon arrest video, The Oscar-winner and her husband Jim Toth were arrested on April 19.A one-and-a-half minute film of Reese Witherspoon's arrest on April 19, taken from a patrol car's dash camera posted on TMZ's YouTube channel has emerged and gone viral with more than 97,424 views in a few hours.

The short video film shows Reese slurring and screaming at a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia following her husband Jim Toth's arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Sweet Home Alabama actress gets into a drunken confrontation with a police office and  is later arrest for disorderly conduct in the video.

Reese and her husband Jim was arrested for on April 19.

After repeated requests from the police officer and her husband to stay quiet, the actress got into an argument with the cop which lead to her being handcuffed, arrested and charged.

"I'm pregnant and I need to use the restroom," Reese tells the policeman. This she confessed to GMA on T…

Tom knapp dies

Tom knapp dies, Tom Knapp, an exhibition shotgun virtuoso who broke world records by picking off flocks of airborne clay targets with the flair of a western movie hero and dazzled crowds with his effortless precision shattering of golf balls, radishes, aspirin and other flying targets, died on April 26 in Rochester, Minn. He was 62.

The cause was pulmonary fibrosis, his wife, Colleen, said.

Mr. Knapp, who was familiar to viewers of “Sharpshooters” on the History Channel and “Shooting Stars” on Discovery, mastered many kinds of long guns but was known mainly for his bravura with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun.

A highlight videotape from 2007 (seen by more than three million viewers on YouTube) shows him firing his pump-action weapon from the hip, from behind his back and from over his head, each time hitting his airborne targets. In one scene, he hurls his shotgun into the air, flings a clay target skyward behind him, pivots, catches his gun and fires, leaving an orange puff of dust where…

Kentucky Derby Hats 2013

Kentucky Derby Hats 2013, The Kentucky Derby is known as much for hats and high fashion as it is for fast horses. This year, rains are swamping Churchill Downs, but fans on the infield are still holding their heads — and their hats — high.

Bigger and bolder is the rule for hats that often dwarf their owners.

April Pauley of Columbus, Ohio, paraded around in the mud wearing a hat featuring flowers, a papier-mache jockey head and goggles and ribbons. "It's just my own little creation," Pauley said before taking a swig of her beer.

Donald Butler Manti Te'o

Donald Butler Manti Te'o, Manti Te'o wasn't a first-round pick, but that doesn't mean the football gods weren't looking out for him. That's the thinking, anyway; the Chargers took Te'o 38th overall, which means the former Notre Dame standout will begin his NFL career in Southern California, close to his Hawaii home, in one of the league's most laid-back markets.

Still, the fine citizens of San Diego haven't magically forgotten the fake, dead Internet girlfriend that landed Te'o in the media crosshairs (see the local paper for proof). Of course, Te'o can change all that with his performance on the field. And realistically, San Diego is as low-pressure an environment as any to make that happen.

But talk, as they say, is cheap. And while fans can be demanding, Te'o will need to first impress his teammates. Linebacker Donald Butler, for example, says Te'o has a lot to prove.

"I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions," Bu…

Rainn Wilson Stranded

Rainn Wilson Stranded, Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute on “The Office,” was stranded at the airport as he was traveling with some of his co-stars on Friday to Scranton, Penn.

He said to never fly on US Airways. “So @USAirways just screwed me & half the cast of The Office. Conctng flight left BEFORE departure time. Sorry Scranton won’t see u til tom,” he tweeted.

Wilson added: “The plane was a 20 seater, missing 7 people who had obviously just landed & it leaves 10 minutes EARLY!”

“I do understand your frustration. I’m sorry that we aren’t able to get you there sooner!” said a representative from US Airways, according to the Daily Mail.

“The Office” will have its finale at the end of this season after eight years.

Scranton, Penn. is where the fictional workplace of “The Office” is located. The cast and crew were apparently on their way  for a fan party for the end of the show.

Steve Carrell, who played bumbling manager Michael, will not partake in the final episode.

“I think St…

Star wars day 2013

Star wars day 2013, Since 1977, the Star Wars fiction has taken on a life of its own. Its fandom has given Wars an almost unrivalled cultural influence that goes beyond the borders of traditional movie-goers or fictions fanbases.

Some go further and incorporate the Jedi philosophy from the Star Wars universe into their lives.

Jedi as a religion started with the UK's Jedi census phenomenon where, starting in 2001, people wrote “Jedi” in government census forms.

In England and Wales, 390,127 people identified themselves as Jedi in 2001.

Ten years later, the number had fallen to 176,632, in seventh place in the survey.

As a result, several Jedi-related cults have seen the light of day with overlapping philosophies inspired by the movies.

The Church of Jediism states on its website:“We believe that we are all connected by the force, not just people but plants and animals too.

"It’s what binds us, so when we die we believe that much like your body goes into the soil to fertilize and make…

New study shows exercise could lower kidney stone risk

New study shows exercise could lower kidney stone risk, It looks like women may have another reason to exercise: it could help prevent kidney stones. According to the ABC 7 news website, a new large study, which was discussed yesterday at an American Urological Association conference in San Diego, shows that even just getting in some walking time could cut the risk of developing this problem by about one-third.

The report goes on to state that the research involved nearly 85,000 women 50 and older in the government-funded Women’s Health Initiative study. All had an exam to measure weight and height so doctors could figure out their body mass index, a gauge of obesity. They also filled out annual surveys on what they ate, so researchers could take into account things known to lower the risk of kidney stones, such as drinking a lot of fluids and eating less salt or meat.

Participants in the study said how much exercise they usually got and that was translated into “METs-“a measure of how …

Asteroid target for NASA's OSIRIS-REx now named Bennu after Egyptian god

Asteroid target for NASA's OSIRIS-REx now named Bennu after Egyptian god, A May 3, 2013 article in Space Daily notes that nine year old Michael Toler Puzio from North Carolina has won a contest to name the asteroid that NASA’s OSIRIS-REx will be headed toward in a sample return mission. The asteroid will now be named Bennu, after an Egyptian god usually depicted as a gray heron. “The dual nature of asteroids, bringers of life's molecules and sometime bringers of destruction, inspired the name.”

Previously the asteroid had the designation of (101955) 1999 RQ36. 8,000 students from 25 countries participated in the contest sponsored by the International Astronomical Union.

OSIRIS-REx is due to be launched in 2016. It will at asteroid Bennu in 2018, take a sample in 2019, and then return to Earth in 2023.

Bennu, besides being the name of an Egyptian god, has an obscure pop culture reference. It was the name of an alien trapped on Earth on a TV show called “The Phoenix” that ran for a…

Banking on Congress, ‘Week of Action’ begins Monday in D.C.

Banking on Congress, ‘Week of Action’ begins Monday in D.C., As America’s workforce continues to shrivel in a stalled economy, a political activist group is calling for a “National Week of Action,” beginning Monday.

With Congress returning to Capitol Hill, proponents of the Glass-Steagall banking law will renew their push to rebuild the wall that once separated commercial banking from more risky investment brokerages.

HR 129 – The Return to Prudent Banking Act -- has 60 bipartisan co-sponsors in the House. Four states have passed resolutions calling for reimplementation of Glass-Steagall, and a dozen other legislatures, including Virginia’s, are considering similar measures.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, introduced HR 129 to restore Glass-Steagall, saying, “The response of Congress to the 2008 financial crisis has been completely inadequate.”

See a congressional and state-by-state datasheet here.

The Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999 under pressure from Wall Street bankers trafficking i…

Man bites dog in the nose after vicious dog tore off his wife's nose

Man bites dog in the nose after vicious dog tore off his wife's nose, A man bites a dog and in doing so he probably saved his wife's life. A Grimes Iowa woman was taking her dog for a walk when out of nowhere a big dog raced toward them and attacked both her and her dog. The dog tore off Caren Henry's nose and if her husband hadn't happened upon the attack there's no telling what the outcome would have been, according to Fox News on May 3, 2013.

Caren was walking her dog near her father-in-law's home when a Labrador mix attacked her. At the same time her husband was on his way to pick her up and saw the dog attacking his wife. He jumped out of his pickup truck and ran to his wife. He said he could see that her face was full of blood so he knew he had to get the dog off of her quickly. It was then that Laine Henry bit the dog in the nose. It did the trick, the dog let go of his wife.

He grabbed Caren and their dog and put them in his pickup truck and took off for …

Art with a Heart to host Home is Where the HeART is: May 18

Art with a Heart to host Home is Where the HeART is: May 18, Art with a Heart, Inc. will present Home is Where the HeART is - a “creative casual” fundraising event, Saturday, May 18, from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. at the Castle at Keswick (3355 Keswick Rd.) - Art with a Heart’s “home” in Hampden, Md.

Art with a Heart's mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual art.

According to a release from Art with a Heart, more than 300 guests will party throughout the Castle complex, including the Art with a Heart office and HeARTwares (Art with a Heart’s retail/service learning store,) as well as the covered parking area and the veranda.

“We are excited, once again, to share our “home” with friends and supporters and look forward to showcasing where Art with a Heart’s work begins,” said Randi Alper Pupkin, founder and executive director of Art with a Heart.

Honorary guest and speaker is Wes Moore, a youth advocate, Hopkins graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Army combat veteran, social ent…

'Obama stock market rally' hits record Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 on big job number

'Obama stock market rally' hits record Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 on big job number, U.S. stocks on Friday rose to record heights, with the Dow industrials soaring above 15,000 and the S&P 500 index above 1,600, and the NASDAQ as Wall Street celebrated the April jobs report. The continuing "Obama stock market rally" is reaching new heights with each passing week, as President Obama inherited a quickly dropping stock market in late 2008 and early 2009. President Obama also inherited an unemployment situation reminiscent of the "Great Depression of 1929," in which the stock market crashed and millions of Americans lost their jobs.

The quick turnaround of the stock market and the job market has result in rising confidence in the economy.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) advanced 1.1 percent to 1,614.42 at 4 p.m. in New York, topping 1,600 for the first time. The Dow gained 142.38 points, or 1 percent, to 14,973.96 after earlier climbing as high as …

High surf and rip current warnings continue in Daytona area Saturday

High surf and rip current warnings continue in Daytona area Saturday, Update: Late Saturday morning, the National Weather Service said the risk of rip currents extended to the entire central Florida Atlantic coast, and a Small Craft Advisory was issued for the same area out 60 nautical miles

Original article:

The high surf advisory has been extended for coastal Volusia and Brevard Counties Saturday. The National Weather Service in Melbourne says the warning is in effect until 8 Saturday night. Forecasters warn of “…wave heights to 11 to 13 feet in the open Atlantic today [leading to] hazardous breaking waves in the surf zone along with strong and dangerous rip currents.” Peak breakers are expected by Saturday afternoon “…reaching 5 to 7 feet near the beaches.” The Weather Service also advised beachgoers not to swim alone and to always swim in front of a lifeguard.

The Daytona Beach area forecast calls for a 50 percent chance of showers Saturday, with thunderstorms possible after 2 p.m. I…

Clermont man killed, passenger injured in Lake County crash Friday

Clermont man killed, passenger injured in Lake County crash Friday, An accident in Lake County killed one man and injured a passenger Friday afternoon according to the Florida Highway Patrol. FHP spokesperson Sgt. Kim Montes says 22-year old Richard John Carroll of Clermont lost control of the SUV he was driving eastbound on Cherry Lake Road at Libby Road.

Troopers say the SUV left the road for an unknown reason, hit a wooden fence along the south shoulder and turned over multiple times. A passenger in the SUV, 53-year old Del Marie Baugh of Groveland, was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition. The FHP says the accident remains under investigation.

Lightning investigated as cause of oil tank explosions in Louisiana

Lightning investigated as cause of oil tank explosions in Louisiana, Lightning is being investigated as a potential cause of a series of two oil tank explosions, that forced the evacuation of more than two dozen homes in Louisiana Thursday night.

Livingston Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness director Mark Harrell said the cause of the explosions at a storage facility near the town of Denham Springs, just outside of Baton Rouge, remained under investigation Friday (May 3) by the state fire marshal's office. But he said residents reported seeing a lightning strike just before the first blast, WAFB-TV reported.

Scattered rain and thunderstorms were moving across parts of southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi in association with an upper-level low pressure area Thursday night.

The first oil tank explosion happened around 10:30 p.m. CDT Thursday and that fire later sparked the second oil tank explosion at around 4:30 a.m. CDT Friday.

About 2,300 barrels…

Airline lipstick ban has more to it than keeping attendants looking 'natural'

Airline lipstick ban has more to it than keeping attendants looking 'natural', A major airline has put a red lipstick ban into place for the flight attendants and they've also banned red nail polish. Turkey's national airline has stirred up some major controversy with this ban among secular Turks.

According to Yahoo News on May 3, 2013, secular Turks are worried that the country is becoming more Islamic. This is to the contrary the airline claims. Banning the bright red cosmetics is just about consistency among the flight attendants mode of dress, as the company wants them to appear more natural. This in turn is supposed to make them more approachable to the passengers.

Turkish Airlines, which is Europe's fourth-biggest carrier, claims the ban is to keep their attendants “well-groomed with makeup in pastel tones.” They also said that a “natural look improved communications with passengers." This is the statement released by the airline describing why red is too …

Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog in accidental shooting forgives hunter

Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog in accidental shooting forgives hunter, A Florida man shot his girlfriend in a case of mistaken identity; the hunter thought she was a hog. Luckily, his lover recovered from the accidental shooting that nearly claimed her life. Having forgiven her lover from the start, the woman is slowly recovering. Despite the insensitive spoofs that ensued, the couple is an inspiration to many.

On May 3, Tampa Bay Times ran a touching story about Steve Egan and Lisa Simmons' ordeal that is chock full of details missing from other sources.

While headlines of "Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog" center on spoof, a larger message of love, hope and faith is at play of the couple (pictured here).

A year ago, Lisa and Steve went hog hunting in Flagler County. At one point, Egan saw a hog from his blind, took aim and fired a shot. While he pursued the injured animal, Simmons, dressed in camouflage pants, darted off to an area she'd seen earlier containing sour…

Two Helena residents sentenced for fraud conspiracy

Two Helena residents sentenced for fraud conspiracy, An FBI press release dated May 3, 2013, announced that Sheryl Gillespie, 50, and Dean Austin South, 70, both residents of Helena, appeared before U.S. District Judge Dana L. Christensen, for sentencing. They had previously pled guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. Each were sentenced to five years probation, with a special assessment of $100 and restitution to be determined.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan R. Whittaker offered proofs at the plea hearing which would have proven the pair’s complicity to devise a scheme to obtain moneys, funds, or credits, owned by or under the custody and control of Banner Bank.

South was part owner in the Superior Propane business in Helena. Superior Propane operated as a wholesale propane company by purchasing propane directly from the refineries and selling the propane to end-users such as retail/convenience stores. Superior Propane transported the propane from the refineries to their customers, but a…

Nazi Bride murder trial: 38-year-old involved in killing sprees?

Nazi Bride murder trial: 38-year-old involved in killing sprees?, A Nazi Bride murder trial is set to take place in Germany on Monday. On May 3, NBC News reported that Beate Zschaepe -- also known as the "Nazi Bride" -- will face charges based on her alleged involvement in several killing sprees. While some believe that she was merely involved in the plot of these attacks, others feel as though Zschaepe had a more serious role.

"I am convinced that she wasn't just an accessory or merely a companion, but was in fact acting on the same level as the others," said German federal prosecutor Wolfgang Range.

The Nazi Bride murder trial is significant because Beate Zschaepe is the last surviving member of the National Socialist Underground. Many of those involved were either killed or took their own lives and most have not faced any consequences, If Zschaepe is convicted, she will represent all women involved in these murders -- and that number is expected to grow.


QR code labeling system hijacked by scammers

QR code labeling system hijacked by scammers, QR codes are being used as a quick and reliable way to pass information. The once-ubiquitous barcode is being challenged by a collection of blobs and dots that cannot be read by the human eye, but that handle far more data. QR codes have gained in popularity over the past two years as smartphone scanning apps have become a “must have.” The codes are easy to create and are flexible enough to include anything from text to a website address to contact information and more.

Because QR codes are easy to create, they can also be used by scammers to take unsuspecting consumers to fraudulent websites. And, because mobile devices are capable of downloading files, the codes may also be used to download malware that can be used to steal personal information or perpetrate scams.

From manufacturers and advertisers to public transportation, QR codes may be used anywhere there might be people, including billboards in public places like airports, train stat…

Wall Street reports a $203 million loss for Rush Limbaugh, Clear Channel

Wall Street reports a $203 million loss for Rush Limbaugh, Clear Channel, Clear Channel, Rush Limbaugh's parent company, reported first quarter losses that had to be excruciatingly painful. The controversial, often infuriating cabal reported a loss of $203 million compared to last year's loss of $143.6 million. One clue to Clear Channel's troubles is a nationwide boycott of Limbaugh's sponsors. That boycott began early last year after Limbaugh called a college student a "slut" and a "prostitute." According to a May 3 Daily Kos article, Clear Channel's revenue fell 1.3 percent to $1.34 billion. Revenue from the company's media and entertainment division was down 2.2 percent. Operating expenses dropped 3.5 percent. Here is another connection: Bain Capital, LLC uses Clear Channel Media as a vehicle.

Sharp pains resulted when the public had enough of Limbaugh's blatant racism, sexism, gay-hatred and bigotry that went out over 600 affiliated r…

Read transcripts from Jodi Arias trial closing arguments, videos

Read transcripts from Jodi Arias trial closing arguments, videos, On May 2, 2013, Judge Sherry Stephens read jury instructions to the jury who has long awaited the chance to deliberate on the verdict regarding the fate of Jodi Arias. Arias faces everything from manslaughter to first-degree murder with a possible death sentence for the June 4, 2008, slaying and shooting of her lover Travis Alexander.

The case has been a mixture of two young, good looking Mormons who had a raunchy, sex-life, combined with secrecy, plenty of lies and one of the most gruesome murders that will go down in history.

Arias surprised all when she not only took the stand, but carefully looked the jury members in the eye as she detailed countless sex escapades that were so illicit, they had to be bleeped off television screens and live news casts nationwide.

Sometimes Jodi Arias' testimony became so elaborately detailed, that they overshadowed the importance and purpose of the trial: The murder of Travis Alexan…

Radioactive Goldfish Smuggled Into Ohio Nuclear Power Plant

Radioactive Goldfish Smuggled Into Ohio Nuclear Power Plant, Radioactive goldfish placidly swimming in a lemonade pitcher in a secure area of Perry Nuclear Power Plant near Cleveland, Ohio? It might have seemed like a harmless prank at the time, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said that the stunt is no joke.

The two goldfish were first discovered by power plant workers earlier in the week. The First Energy-owned plant had been shut down for 43 days for maintenance when they found the pitcher in a supposedly secure steam tunnel.

First Energy Todd Schneider said that the fish were found alive in the admittedly slightly radioactive water. They died shortly thereafter.

“The water did not kill the fish, but they were not well taken care of and they died later,” Schneider said. The 1-1/2 inch long radioactive goldfish had both expired by early Thursday morning.

As far as the company is concerned, the joke is more than just a cruel prank. Because the area where they were found is res…

Guys Writes Epic 750-Word Pitch For Bike He’s Selling On Craigslist

Guys Writes Epic 750-Word Pitch For Bike He’s Selling On Craigslist, One of the most epic and entertaining Craigslist ads we’ve seen in a long time was written with love and sentiment by New York cyclist Ryan, who is looking to get rid of his bike. He put it up on Craigs with a lengthy 750-word testimonial of why his bike is awesome, and why you should buy it.

“What makes this bike so much better than every other bike that has ever been pedaled? Glad you asked. It starts with the paint scheme. It looks like Iron Man if Iron Man were a bike. That’s bold, son. Curb appeal. It’s probably also why some piece of trash stole the front tire that originally came with this beauty. Why didn’t he steal the whole bike? Because he knew he wasn’t man enough. That’s ok, I replaced it with something that looks even more boss.”

Digging through the epic thread reveals that the bike is a 2010 Felt Gridloc 3-speed fixed gear bike, and it can be yours for $700. I don’t know that much about bikes myself, but…

Boston Cemeteries Won’t Touch Tamerlan Tsarnaev Burial

Boston Cemeteries Won’t Touch Tamerlan Tsarnaev Burial, Boston, MA – Bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is having a hard time finding his final rest. A funeral home director is reportedly scrambling to find a cemetery to bury the slain 26-year-old in, but everyone is turning him down.

Worcester funeral home owner Peter Stefan has Tsarnaev’s body as well as the official death certificate, which has not yet been made public.

Stefan read from it on Friday, though it seemed not to hold many surprises. It confirmed that Tsarnaev died from his wounds sustained in a gunfight with authorities, and from being dragged under a vehicle as his brother Dzhokhar, fled police.

Tsarnaev’s body was released by the state medical examiner on Thursday, after laying there unclaimed for nearly two weeks. The body wound up at Stefan’s Graham Putnam and Mahoney Funeral Parlors, with current plans to submit it to a secondary, independent autopsy requested by relatives.

But Stefan’s biggest problem is finding a plac…

Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog

Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog, A hunter who shot his girlfriend after she was mistaken for a hog says he’s a lucky man.

It was one year ago that Steve Egan was hunting in the woods of Flagler County in Florida. He spotted a wounded hog on its back about 30 yards away. Thinking it was the same hog he shot minutes before, Egan raised his rifle and fired a single shot with a .30-caliber bullet.

It was a direct hit, but the hunter forgot the first rule of shooting — always know your target. Egan had actually shot his girlfriend, who he had mistaken for the hog.

The injury was very serious at the time. Lisa Simmons, a 51-year-old nurse who had worked with heart doctors for 18 years, could see blood pumping from the femoral artery in her leg.

Determined not to die in the forest after being mistaken for a hog, Egan’s girlfriend fashioned a tourniquet and held it while he rushed back to get a cell phone and call 911.

By the time a medical helicopter arrived to save Simmons she was losing consci…

Guantanamo yearly cost

Guantanamo yearly cost, For the men and women involved in running the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, it must have been disconcerting, to say the least, to have heard their Commander-in-Chief share his personal views on their little corner of Cuba quite so bluntly.

“Guantanamois not necessary to keepAmericasafe,” he said last Tuesday. “It is expensive. It is inefficient. It hurts us in terms of our international standing. It lessens cooperation with our allies on counter-terrorism efforts. It is a recruitment tool for extremists. It needs to be closed.”

And so it does; but the fact that it remains open five years after Barack Obama promised to shut it down is a testament both to the scale of the legal and moral morass it represents and the president’s own persistent inability to translate his fine words into action. It is now eight years since the use of torture and orange jump-suits was ended atGuantanamo, but the hunger strikes that appear to have pricked Obama into having another push to…

Mockingbird author sues

Mockingbird author sues, Harper Lee, the author of To Kill A Mockingbird, has sued her literary agent for allegedly duping her into assigning him the copyright on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan, Lee says Samuel Pinkus, the son-in-law of Lee's long-time agent, Eugene Winick, took advantage of her failing hearing and eyesight to transfer the rights on the book, which has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide and became an Oscar-winning film.

The 87-year-old says she has no memory of agreeing to relinquish her rights or signing the agreement that cements the purported transfer.

Winick had represented Lee for more than 40 years. When he became ill in 2002, Pinkus diverted several of his father-in-law's clients to his own company, the lawsuit said.

According to the lawsuit, in 2007 Pinkus "engaged in a scheme to dupe" Lee into assigning the novel's copyright without any payment and had since failed to respond to l…

Ann curry wasn't good at her job

Ann curry wasn't good at her job, Today Show" insider, Brian Stelter, said Ann Curry "wasn't good at her job" and this why she was fired.

The New York Times reporter and author of a a new book chatted with CNN's Piers Morgan on May 3 and made efforts to debunk a Matt Lauer-led conspiracy to fire his former co-host. He believes NBC morning show executives failed by promoting her in 2011.

"That was the fatal mistake. Promoting her in the first place is where things started to go wrong. Removing her was the right thing to do by lots of different measures but it was just done the wrong way," Stelter responded to Piers Morgan on his request about Curry's hiring and termination from the role as Lauer's co-host.

On why Ann Curry "wasn't good at job" politics and performing good enough for a ratings boost, Stelter claims she was caught in the middle of a struggle among show producers.

He calls the behind the scenes skirmish as a "Civ…

Remains found in northwest Indiana

Remains found in northwest Indiana, Michigan City, IN, Police were on the scene of a discovery Friday of what appears to be human remains.

Around 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, police were called to the area of County Line Road and Chandler Avenue, on the west side of the city, near the Town of Pines.

It was heartbreaking news to the family of missing Candi Brown Morris, who disappeared from Michigan City in August 2012. Search efforts for the missing wife and mother have been focused on the western edge of the city, near the Pines' area, based on cell phone information obtained by authorities. However, no identity has yet been made; and Candi's family and friends continue to await more information.

The missing persons' group Moms on a Mission -- which works hand-in-hand with Candi's family -- has released a statement regarding the discovery:

We have become aware of remains that were located Friday on County line Road. There has been NO identification of the remains at this t…

68K gallons of sewage spills into Washington state's 2nd largest natural lake

68K gallons of sewage spills into Washington state's 2nd largest natural lake, The second largest natural lake in Washington state has been polluted with tens of thousands of gallons of sewage, prompting the closure of a popular Seattle area beach.

KIRO-TV reported that an estimated 68,000 gallons of wastewater discharged for about an hour through an emergency outfall, which prevents backups of raw sewage into homes and businesses, into Lake Washington near Kirkland's Marina Park on Thursday (May 2).

The overflow is said to have occurred as a result of an unusual combination of circumstances when a transmitter failed to signal two of the station’s pumps to begin operating. A third pump that normally engages when water levels rise experienced a clutch failure.

Environmental officials say the beach will remain closed through the weekend as they conduct daily test of the waters. It takes 24 hours for those test results to come back and they need two straight days of clean readings t…

2 bodies at crash site of U.S. military plane in Afghanistan

2 bodies at crash site of U.S. military plane in Afghanistan, Two bodies at crash site where a U.S. plane went down Friday in Afghanistan were discovered, Reuters reports May 4. The exact location of the wreckage was in Kyrgyzstan where a cargo plane exploded while in mid-air. The fuel it was carrying ignited the explosion, investigators said.

Remains of two people on-board the flight were found Saturday, but there were three known to be on the plane.

An investigation will be conducted to learn why the plane crashed, but Kuyan Mamakeev -- state prosecutor of Kyrgyz -- said the explosion could have been related to a number of factors with the fuel, engine, and weather conditions.

Kuvan Mamakeev, the Kyrgyz state prosecutor responsible for investigating transport crimes and accidents.

70 tons of fuel were aboard the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker that left a U.S. military transit center from Kyrgyzstan Manas airport.

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