Man bites dog in the nose after vicious dog tore off his wife's nose

Man bites dog in the nose after vicious dog tore off his wife's nose, A man bites a dog and in doing so he probably saved his wife's life. A Grimes Iowa woman was taking her dog for a walk when out of nowhere a big dog raced toward them and attacked both her and her dog. The dog tore off Caren Henry's nose and if her husband hadn't happened upon the attack there's no telling what the outcome would have been, according to Fox News on May 3, 2013.

Caren was walking her dog near her father-in-law's home when a Labrador mix attacked her. At the same time her husband was on his way to pick her up and saw the dog attacking his wife. He jumped out of his pickup truck and ran to his wife. He said he could see that her face was full of blood so he knew he had to get the dog off of her quickly. It was then that Laine Henry bit the dog in the nose. It did the trick, the dog let go of his wife.

He grabbed Caren and their dog and put them in his pickup truck and took off for the hospital. Caren's nose was torn off by this vicious attack and she also had bites in her thigh and abdomen. She will have to have several reconstructive surgeries to fix the damage done to her nose. Laine was bitten on the arm by the dog and is recovering from that injury. Caren said she was lucky to be wearing sunglasses or she believes the dog would have bitten into her eyes.


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