Infographic by My Military Base for Military Appreciation Month in May

Infographic by My Military Base for Military Appreciation Month in May, May is right around the corner and with it comes Military Appreciation Month. With so many active soldiers in the military, both male and female, we should appreciate them every day. After all, they do put their lives on the line to defend us and the United States. Now there is an infographic that has been created to honor our soldiers. According to a press release by SBWire which was released on April 25 about the infographic on our military families, there are exactly 1,429,995 active soldiers, male and female on active duty. That is a lot of lives defending us and our country.

Although these brave soldiers in the military put their lives on the line for us every day, they do have their own families to take care of. According to the infographic, 56.6% of active soldiers have a family to support and 57.7% of reserves have family responsibilities. These statistics come from the US Army Community and Family Support Center. As well as these statistics, there are also 1.4 family members for each service member.

Another statistic according to the infographic is that those in the military tend to marry at a younger age. Most usually have small children at home waiting for their mom or dad to come back home to them but also feeling proud that they are serving our country.


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