Paltrow humiliated: Quick shave needed last minute for her see-through dress

Paltrow humiliated: Quick shave needed last minute for her see-through dress, Gwyneth Paltrow was humiliated when she donned a gown that was designed to wear without underwear and as soon as she put it on, everyone scrambled for a razor. This was at the “Iron Man 3” Premiere, shared Paltrow, who couldn't believe she was sharing this incident on TV, according to Yahoo News on April 26, 2013.

Paltrow sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, who has a way of bringing out the most sacred of secrets the stars very rarely share. She told Ellen how the gown's shear fish-net sides didn't allow for underwear. She took the gown with her to change into before walking the red carpet into the premiere. As soon as she put it on it was obvious to all involved that she needed a quick shave.

Ellen quipped, the gown only had the sheer opening on the sides, but Paltrow quickly added that it is the way she walks that warranted the shave, “I walk a 70's vibe,” Paltrow said coyly, “You know what I mean?” She said she was humiliated by the bad press the dress got for her.

Ellen then asked her about another daring gown that she wore on the "Tonight Show" on April 25. That was another dress that you couldn't wear underwear with, but she said she got lucky because she put it on and it just stayed in place. Gwyneth's down to earth demeanor is just one more reminder as to why she deserved to win People's “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” for 2013.


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