Ponytail stunt death: Man dies crossing river while suspended by hair, Nath Roy died while trying to cross the Teesta River suspended by his hair. He began having difficulties crossing the river about halfway through the stunt and died before he could finish. According to an April 30 report by The Hollywood Gossip, Nath Roy held the Guinness World record for travelling the farthest distance on a zip wire using hair.

According to a friend of Nath Roy, the record holder had promised is wife this would be his last ponytail stunt. She worried that he would get hurt or killed when doing the ponytail stunts. Unfortunately, Nath Roy kept that promise.

It was reported that Nath Roy suffered a “major heart attack” while attempting the ponytail stunt. He had been having difficulties cross the river. About halfway across, he became stuck. He tried to shout out instructions to those watching, but no one could follow them. After about 30 minutes of being stuck and struggling, Nath Roy became very still. It appears that is when the ponytail stunt took his life.