School safety: Blountville child restrained after attacking principal

School safety: Blountville child restrained after attacking principal, With the recent attention on school attacks, it is another kind of attack that happened at Holston Elementary School in Blountville, Tenn., last week. According to an April 25 report by The Blotter, a popular feature on where crime reports are published, an 8-year-old child attacked a principal and had to be restrained.

Police were actually summoned to the elementary school where the child had punched, kicked, and bitten the principal. It took one educator and an officer to restrain the child.

The situation began when the little boy, who was apparently very strong for his age, was asked to refrain from standing in a chair. He refused to obey and then struck a little girl on the arm.

It is not known whether the principal attempted to defend himself or not, but three employees were injured in the attack and treated at the scene.

It is true that school can be a very dangerous place.


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