Westboro Baptist Church: Threatening to picket Oklahoma City Thunder NBA playoff, The Westboro Baptist Church is threatening to picket game five of the NBA playoff series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City. On April 30, Margie J. Phelps, daughter of Fred Phelps and spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church, took to Twitter to make that threat.

“Westboro has #BeedOnNBA bc GOD has #BeedOnNBA! @jasoncollins34 proud sodomite vs @Chris_Broussard WBC Picket OK vs Houston 5/1 @ OK 6-8:30pm [sic],” Margie J. Phelps tweeted.

This is just one of the many threats that the Westboro Baptist Church has made against Oklahoma and it's residents. Despite those many threats, they do not show up. When they do, the Westboro Baptist Church members rarely get out of their vehicles.

“Thunder up and bring it on,” Peter Blackmon, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan from Moore, said. “We've handled their kind before and we'll do it again. I'm betting they don't get out of their cars.”

Ten Westboro Baptist Church members showed up on March 20, 2011 to picket the funeral of Shane Reed in Bixby, Okla. Despite that, the Westboro Baptist Church failed to protest the funeral. Shirley Phelps-Ropers claims it was because there were “too many God smacks.”

Many Oklahomans believe that the Westboro Baptist Church learned their lesson in McAlester in 2010. They claim their tires had been slashed. The McAlester police reported that no one in town would repair their tires. It is still unknown how the Westboro Baptist Church was able to leave McAlester.

Whether or not the Westboro Baptist Church learned their lesson in McAlester and will not picket the Oklahoma City Thunder game remains to be seen. If they do show up, they should expect opposition. If they don't show up, it will be another Westboro Baptist Church failure.