Iowa teen on trial after text, "Dad, I killed mom accidentally. Come home now."

Iowa teen on trial after text, "Dad, I killed mom accidentally. Come home now.", The DesMoines Register reported a story on Friday about an Iowa teen’s shocking text to his father. The March 24th text read, “Dad, this is Noah, I killed Mom accidentally. I regret it. Come home now please.”

Originally, William Crooks, 41, thought the text was a joke. Thinking his son was kidding, he replied, “Just toss her in the grove. We’ll take care of her later.” Crooks testified about the odd text exchange at Friday’s trial. Crooks learned it wasn’t a joke after he received a phone call from a Mitchell County Sheriff’s deputy that his wife, Gretchen Crooks, 37, had died.

Noah Crooks, 14, faces charges of first-degree murder and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse for the death of his mother. He is being tried as a youthful offender, meaning he would be under judicial supervision past his 18th birthday.

William Crooks said that his wife was the disciplinarian and had a stormy relationship with their son. He also said his son had once told him that he wanted to kill his mother, but he didn’t take the threat seriously.

The alleged murder weapon is a .22-caliber Ruger that Gretchen Crooks had given to her son as a birthday gift. According to Kaal TV, Noah Crooks had shot his mother at least 20 times.

More information about this article is available at the Des Moines Register and Kaal TV.

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